Emay Smart Basal Thermometer and Fertility Monitor (for iOS and Android) – Accurate Ovulation Tracker to Get Pregnant Faster

By | December 30, 2017
Emay Smart Basal Thermometer and Fertility Monitor (for iOS and Android) - Accurate Ovulation Tracker to Get Pregnant Faster

How does BLT fertility monitor work?

Basal body temperature of normal childbearing-age women is periodic, which is related to ovulation and body cycle. By collecting user’s basal body temperature every day, the BLT fertility monitor can analyze, predict and remind you of the ovulation date, fertile, safe and menstrual period correctly.

Why does it take 2-3 minutes to get the BBT readings?

Because there’s no any calculation or guesswork involved in this thermometer, we take the “actual body temp” only. The sensor takes time to feel, absorb and transfer your actual & stable BBT exactly like the mercurial thermometer. In the case of BBT, you need to know the 0.05 difference, and speed is the killer of accuracy.


1. Connect with Apple ISO system all models and Android system 4.3 and above (Excluding LG smart phones which is not compatitable yet)
2. Free intuitive app to download at Apple Store and Google Play
3. High precision to within 0.05°C or 0.09℉
4. Battery lasts for more than 3 months(8 hours/day)
5. Set the APP to vibrate or beep after your temperature is registered, without worry to wake your spouse up
6. Package contains: 1 device, 25 covers, 2 CR1220 battery, 1 English user manual

The right steps to sync the APP with device:

1. turn on the device by pressing the power button till the blue light flashes
2. turn on the Bluetooth , do not manually pair device in Bluetooth setting on your phone
3. open the app and select “yes” for all the allowings and it will start “searching” the device automatically, and get connected

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Troubleshooting for syncing/paring issues if that happens

– go to your phone general setting, select “yes” for all the permissions in the APP settings
– turn off the device and turn on again
– uninstall and reinstall the App
– reboot the smart phone
– Or contact Emay to solve for you by email

  • Clinically Highly Accurate – 0.01 degree reading Bluetooth Basal Thermometer specially designed for Basal Body Temperature. It takes your actual body temperature without any calculation, prediction or guesswork. This means the measurement time would be longer than most of the instant digital or infrared thermometer in the market. In this case, accuracy is crucial for BBT taking.
  • Intelligent APP for ISO and Android phone/pad (except LG phones) to track your cycle. The thermometer takes your temperature and syncs the readings into the calendar & chart on your APP automatically. As readings accumulated, the intuitive APP will also analyze to predict and remind you of your upcoming ovulation date, fertile, safe and menstrual period, so you can “take the right action” efficiently.
  • No more troublesome urine testing, No expensive test sticks to purchase or other recurring costs. No more paper charting or online input, as the intelligent APP stores all the readings and data for you safely without worry of any loss. Option of vibration or beeping after your temp is registered
  • Perfect for those who are trying to conceive (TTC), get to better understand and manage their regular/irregular cycles, or want to avoid pregnancy naturally.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – You can return your undamaged product within 60 days to receive a FULL REFUND for any reason. We’re also offering 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.
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