Facts about Adipex-p

By | March 11, 2018

Adipex-p is not pill that you can directly buy on internet. You need doctor’s prescription before you buy this controlled substance that contains amphetamine type chemical. Adipex-p is a controlled substance that contains amphetamine type chemical, one that is addicting and can be harmful. Patients who want to try Adipex-P need to go to their doctor for a complete medical history and physical in order to ensure they are a good candidate for the drug. Those patients who are already taking medications for other health conditions may not be suitable patients. For example, those who already have high blood pressure or heart disease cannot take Adipex-P. The stimulant quality of the Adipex-P can cause the heart to beat too hard, leading to more heart troubles and even a heart attack. These two medications can cause a dangerous reaction, even if weight loss is achieved. A patient can only obtain Adipex-P from a doctor’s prescription.

There are many side effects involved with this pill. While it might be nice to think that prescriptions are all safe – this is not the case. Adipex-P has a number of side effects that a person will want to consider before they take the substance. Some of the common side effects include: dizziness, dry mouth, racing heart, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, jitters, and more. While many of these side effects can stop over time, they can be upsetting to your life too. Non-prescription alternatives like Phentramin-d may also give a patient some jitters and dry mouth, but these are the extent of the side effects when taken responsibly.

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No matter which pill you take Adipex, Adipex-p or Phentramin-d, you should keep your approach disciplined. And while many people have taken Adipex-P without any troubles, searching for safer alternatives is best for most patients. Phentramin-d is comparable to Adipex-P without many of the dangerous side effects of the prescription one needs to obtain from the doctor. As a weight loss aspirant focusing on your goal helps a lot. Talk to family, friends and acquaintances to be stress free. Safety first, weight loss second.

Myself Sarah Wright, a health expert and has written many articles on Adipex and Adipex-P.