Health conditions that are cured by using infrared heat lamps

By | September 29, 2016

Infrared heat lamps are basically red-colored infrared bulbs and emits near and middle infrared rays which either red orange or yellow in color. Infrared rays are known for their ability to penetrate deep under the skin. Infrared rays emitted by infrared lamps penetrate up to three inches inside a body and that is why these infrared lamps are used to cure several ailments. Heat produced under infrared heat lamp therapy penetrates that deep due the fact that heat is concentrated over a single part at a time. They can potentially heat up a part inside out curing several health diseases.

There many viruses, bacteria, and other parasitesthat attack our cells and they have a poor resistance towards infrared heat rays compared to healthy cells. This is why when these rays are concentrated over a body part these parasites die and cells remain undamaged.

Infrared rays emitted from a lamp are known to improve circulation, hydration and oxygenation. The benefits that these lamps have in curing body ailments is the only reason that they are being widely used to cure several health problems. Some of the body ailments that are often cured by using infrared heat lamps are:

1. Pain:

Infrared pain relief therapy has been acknowledged as one of the best sources that are used to treat pain in joints and other body parts. The heat that is produced by concentrating the rays on the body parts reduces pain and is very soothing. Thus, to prevent yourself from some dangerous side effects of pain killer you can also for the infrared therapy.

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2. Infections:

Infrared therapy is becoming popular due to its ability to fight some chronic infections like sinuses. People who suffer sinus often complaint about antibiotics or other treatments being ineffective. For those, infrared treatment can work wonders they can rid of bitter medicines have sessions of infrared therapy twice or thrice for few days. Sinus is the only infection that can be treated using infrared radiations. Tooth, ear, eyes or even oral infections can be treated the same way.

3. Vaginal infections and infections in the folds:

Most of don’t know that even after regular cleaning our folds are prone to infections like fungal infections or other skin diseases. Concentrating infrared rays on our fold can keep them safe from catching painful infections. Also, by using infrared therapy infection in the organs like bladder and the uterus can be cured.

4. Nail fungus:

We often suffer from fungal infections in our nails and even after days treatments it keeps on reoccurring. Infrared therapy for such fungal infections can potentially uproot the fungus giving you a clean and an infection free nail.

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