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By | October 14, 2018

Smoking is a very unhealthy habit and many people would like to quit it. Unfortunately, nicotine addiction is very powerful and people who want to get rid of it often need additional help. Will power and determination are the key ingredients that will help you quit smoking, but sometimes home remedies for quit smoking can also give a helpful hand and make the process easier. Licorice sticks can be very useful because they can be chewed when the need to smoke occurs and they can trick the brain into forgetting about cigarettes.

Smoking breaks down vitamin C in the body, so replenishing the quantity of this vitamin in the body is helpful when you try to quit. Vitamin C supplements or orange juices are good home remedies for quit smoking. Regardless the option you choose, they will help your body flush away toxins and nicotine.

Grape seed extract is one of the best home remedies for quit smoking because it repairs the damage that it has been done to the lungs while you were smoking. Grape juice consumed on a daily basis is also helpful in getting rid of nicotine addiction.

Home remedies for quit smoking should help you flush away toxins and eliminate nicotine from the body. Take two cups of boiled water and add it over a tablespoon of ground oats. Leave it overnight and then boil it for 10 minutes. Drink the mixture throughout the day, a few hours after the main meals. It eliminates the toxins and it makes the body recover easier from lack of nicotine. However, don’t consume the mixture at night.

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Lobelia is one of the most effective home remedies for quit smoking. It helps people who want to quit dealing with the most tormenting symptoms, the emotional ones. Lobelia seems to act just like nicotine in what concerns brain receptors, except that it doesn’t cause addiction, so it makes coping with lack of nicotine easier. It also helps you get over irritability and mood swings. More than that, it seems that lobelia also generates an aversion towards cigarettes.

One of the common symptoms in people who quit smoking is nausea. People affected by it in the first days or weeks they spend without cigarettes can rely on one of the home remedies for quit smoking hat deals with nausea: ginger.

When quitting smoking, a diet rich in nutrients is recommended in order to help the body recover faster. This makes honey one of the most indicated home remedies for quit smoking. It contains vitamins, enzymes and proteins which make giving up cigarettes easier.

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