How Much Do You Know about Circadian Rhythm Disorder

By | August 6, 2016

Circadian rhythm disorder is related with people’s biological clock. It means you people find difficulty falling asleep or often keep awake at the sleep time. Actually, you have some problems about sleep disorder.

People he who has circadian rhythm sleep disorders is unable to fall asleep and cannot keep awake at the times required for normal work, school, and social needs. The key feature of circadian rhythm disorders is a continuous or occasional disruption of sleep patterns.

Each of us has a circadian rhythm, people called it internal body clock. It can regulates the 24-hour cycle of biological processes in animals and plants. In most cases, the environment provides clues in the form of sunlight, activity, and temperature to help align this internal clock with the external environment.

The circadian rhythm disorders share common characteristics. They occur when your internal biological clock becomes out of sync with external time cues such as the natural dark-light cycle. And then you may have troubles in falling asleep and staying awake. In other word, at night you will have a insomnia and at daytime you will feel sleep. This might lead to people cannot do their job very well or affect children’s studies.

Common circadian rhythm disorder includes five main types.

DSPS-Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is a disorder of sleep timing, which is most common in adolescents and young adults whose “night owl” tendencies delay sleep onset. Individuals with DSPS fall asleep late and wake up late.

ASPD-Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder is identified by regular early evening bedtimes and early morning awakenings. This syndrome results in symptoms of evening sleepiness, an early sleep onset, and waking up earlier than desired.

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Jet Lag-Jet lag results from a conflict between the pattern of sleep and wakefulness between the internal biological clock and that of a new time zone. This syndrome consists of symptoms including excessive sleepiness and a lack of daytime alertness in people who travel across time zones.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder-Some people due to the job’s time have to night shift. This situation will affect their sleep quality and the work schedules conflicts with the body’s natural circadian rhythm and some individuals have difficulty adjusting to the change.

Non 24 Hour Sleep Wake Disorder-This is a condition in which an individual has a normal sleep pattern but lives in a 25-hour day. It affects individual’s sleep occurs later and later each day, with the period of peak alertness also continuously moving around the clock from day to day.

I have talked about some details about narcolepsy. Actually, it also belongs to Circadian rhythm disorder. Learn much about Circadian rhythm disorder we will have chance to avoid it.

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