How Sleep Disorder May Make Your Life Hell

By | April 21, 2018

An uninterrupted sleep is the biggest gift that almighty has given to his creation. But many people are suffering from sleep disorders. Although they go to bed but they remain without sleep most of the time. If you are a sufferer of these sleep disorders or if you are afraid of this phenomena you should have some basic knowledge on sleep disorder. The term sleep disorder is also called as somnipathy. This kind of a disorder can be defined as a phenomenon in which a person is unable to get his normal sleep. This disorder may be regular or occasional in occurrence. The main disadvantage of sleep disorder is these disorders create mental and emotional disturbance. Some times these disorders are also responsible for some physical disorders as well.

I. There are many kinds of sleep disorders. Bruxism, Jet Lag syndrome or desychronosis, Rapid eye movement behavior disorder (RBD), Parasomnias, Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), Delayed sleep phase syndrome (PSPS), Night terror, Narcolepsy, Insomnia, Hypopnea syndrome, Somnambuslism, Sleep apnea, Restless legs syndrome (RLS), Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) etc.

II. Sound and proper sleep is very important to the proper growth and development of human being. Sleeping disorder will cause emotional and mental disbalance. Sound sleep helps us to perform our daily chores in a normal way.

III. Most of the people is not well concerned about the problem of sleep disorders. Sleeping disorder can be seen in different forms and symptoms.If anyone feels emotional instability, feeling sleepy, dire needs for caffeine, exhausted, tired, constant fatigue, lack of concentration etc, then it can be said he is suffering from some kind of sleeping disorders.

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IV. Symptoms of sleeping disorder vary from person to person. Many people say that they are suffering from insomnia or other people say that they are suffering from lack of sleep Bad habits, irregular sleeping habits, work pressure etc are causes of insomnia. It is really quite impossible to cure insomnia properly without the intention of the patients . The best way to cure insomnia is give up smoking habits, improvisation of sleeping habit, feel relaxed, taking warm bath before sleeping, doing some physical works or exercise etc.

V. Another most common sleep disorder is sleep apnea . It is represented by snoring, panting and choking etc. The patient might have physical fatigue even after a sound over night sleep.

VI. Other than the above kinds Restless leg syndrome is also very irritating and disturbing.This problem also may caused by kidney problems, thyroid problems, anemia, alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease etc

I. Sound sleep determines a healthy life. Hypersomnia, Parasomnia , bed wetting are some of the symptoms that should alert you of sleeping disorder Consult your physician immediately if you suffer from any one of the above symptoms.

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