How to Get Rid Of Sleep Insomnia

By | September 25, 2016

Sleep insomnia, or lack of sleep, is a very frustrating condition because the side effects of not getting enough rest can be very debilitating to our everyday lives. Inadequate sleep makes us tired, irritable, and depressed. Sleep insomnia afflicts over 70 million Americans, both old and young.

Americans lead very stressful lives and sleep needs to be a very important aspect of our life if we want to remain healthy. Studies have shown that people who sleep for at least eight hours a night actually live longer than those that don’t.

Sleep insomnia, in some cases, is recognizable by your difficulty falling asleep or your inability to maintain sleep. Other people who suffer from insomnia complain of waking up too early in the morning and not being able to go back to bed.

Whatever causes you to complain about sleep insomnia, recognizing the symptoms can help you to seek treatment and eventually manage the condition and get the sleep you need. I know it may seem like a fantasy, but it is possible for you to live a normal life and get the proper amount of sleep, even if you suffer from sleep insomnia. You just need to educate yourself about how to get rid of your insomnia.

Classifying Sleep Insomnia And Its Symptoms

The main symptom of sleep insomnia is the inability to initiate or maintain sleep. It is only referred to as insomnia if it does not occur because of another mental condition. A sleep disorder is not classified as insomnia if it occurs as the result of a medical condition or if you are consuming a medication or drug.

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Sleep Insomnia is a disorder that has two distinct classifications, acute and chronic. Acute insomnia typically lasts for less than a month and is typically secondary, meaning that it is caused by temporary stress. Acute sleep insomnia is also treatable by reducing stress through doing things like physical activity, meditation, and breathing exercises such as Yoga.

Chronic insomnia is described as sleep deprivation that lasts for longer than a month. Chronic insomnia can be secondary, deriving from medical, physical, or psychological conditions. Chronic sleep insomnia can also be primary, meaning that it is caused by factors such as body temperature or poor sleep habits. It is crucial that patients suffering from chronic sleep insomnia seek medical treatment before it drastically impacts their quality of life.

How To Treat Sleep Insomnia

Are you ready to start getting some sleep? Insomnia has many different treatment options; the one you choose to pursue depends on what you feel is best for you and what your physician recommends for your individual circumstances.

Behavioral therapy, such as cognitive therapy, stimulus control, and relaxation training, is often used to treat insomnia. These sleep treatments are typically executed by psychologists, psychiatrists, or counselors.

Another method of treatment for insomnia is medication prescribed by your physician, commonly known as hypnotics. Many patients are reluctant to try these medications due to negative side effects of such drugs.

Don’t Lose Sleep, Manage Your Insomnia

Not only does sleep insomnia cause you to lose much needed rest, but it significantly impacts your alertness during the day. The key to managing insomnia is to stick to a standard routine. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. It is also advisable to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and not to exercise within three hours of bedtime.

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Once you are able to manage your sleep insomnia and have sought treatment in the form of either behavioral therapy or medication, you are well on your way to taking control of the condition and getting the sleep you need. Only then will you be able to live a healthy, happy life.

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