How to Treat Top Sleep Disorders

By | March 26, 2018

The cycle that our body goes through when we are sleeping is known as the circadian rhythm. It is the circadian rhythm that is the opposite of nocturnal animals, and, when we are healthy, this rhythm keeps us awake during the day, and asleep during the night time hours. This rhythm works at night in a series of five stages we know as sleep. Sleep may seem like a restful state to you, but during sleep our brains are very busy. That is why each stage is critical to our sleep function and overall health, without each stage performing properly, we likely will not get a good night’s sleep. When one of these stages or states of sleep is disrupted, it disrupts an entire cycle in our brain that has the potential to disrupt our entire system. When someone experiences this disruption on a frequent basis, sleep disorders can occur. Read here to find out what the most common sleep problems are, and how you can overcome them quickly and get back to the rest you need.

The three most common forms of sleep disturbances or sleep disorders are sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and insomnia. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, effecting over forty million Americans every single night. The problem for those with insomnia is a problem in the stage of falling asleep, the first sleep cycle. If insomnia is just starting to be a problem, beginning with behavior changes and tweaks to the nighttime routine may be all you need to overcome your sleep disorder. The key is relaxing yourself enough to slow down your brain waves to fall asleep.

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Narcolepsy is a different type of disorder where the person falls asleep abruptly and immediately at any time of day. These are known as narcolepsy attacks, and these attacks do not last for a long period, but can happen at any time and thus can pose a danger to the person suffering. Changing sleep rituals, and organizing nap times can help with this disorder if a pattern is detected, and prescription medication is available for severe forms of this disorder.

Sleep apnea is the third most common sleep disorder, and perhaps the most dangerous. During sleep apnea, breathing cycles are disrupted in the circadian cycle, and the individual could actually stop breathing a number of time while they are sleeping. The brain can detect this often enough, and this will make the individual wake up gasping and choking for air. This disorder is dangerous if there is frequent disruption of breathing, and it also makes for a very bad night sleep for the person suffering. In severe cases of sleep apnea, treatment involves a breathing machine during the night time hours.

When it comes to sleep disorders, treatment today is very simple and often involves prescription medication such as Ambien in combination with behavioral changes. As you can see, ignoring a sleep disturbance is not going to go away, and it can severely impact your quality of life along with your overall health. If you are having problems falling asleep, or experiencing sleep disturbances impairing your life, you may want to consider something as simple as Ambien to readjust those cycles and get you living again.

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