Hydrocodone and acetaminophen for unmatchable pain relief

By | September 8, 2016

Oh how much it hurts being in pain. I mean I know hurt means pain but what about physical pain causing you emotional hurt. I was recently recovering from a surgery on my back which I had to have because of an accident. My back was a big pain in the ass for some time after the surgery. Yes I know sounds stupid but that’s the thing about chronic pain, it makes you think stupid. Couldn’t sit properly at work because of the way my back was hurting. Couldn’t concentrate at all because whenever I tried my brain was like “feel the burn”. The usual pain medications like aspirin or ibuprofen seemed to be having very little effect on reducing my pain. The truth was that I was in agony. Agony not just brought about by my physical pain but also the severe vulnerable emotional state in which I was because of being in constant pain.

In my severe helplessness I visited my doctor and begged for him to provide me with a release. My doctor suggested that we switch to Hydrocodone 5-500 for pain management. While it provided me with great pain relief I must warn everybody that you must be very careful if you are using Hydrocodone. Let me share with you my experience of taking powerful opioid medications
You have probably heard of Acetaminophen which is an over the counter medication is used as a mild painkiller and also to reduce fever. Hydrocodone is essentially an opioid that means it’s derived from opium or its derivative. When they are combined they work as a strong pain killer a formulation known as acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Opioids operate by altering the response of pain centers in the brain to pain stimuli. So while I was still experiencing pain symptoms the effects of this opioid ensured that my brain did not interpret it so, making me feel pain free.

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Beware, follow these precautions religiously

Don’t mix booze and with this medicine. Even light amounts of alcohol react with acetaminophen and could cause liver or kidney failure. Avoid taking this medication if you have used a monoamine oxidize inhibitor within the past fortnight. You must not take this medicine if you suffer from certain symptoms such as

liver disease/cirrhosis or if you are a heavy drinker
bowel obstruction/constipation,
low BP
Recent history of stroke/brain tumor or head injuries.

Hydrocodone side effects

upset stomach and constipation
dry mouth
Blurred vision.

Hydrocodone pill can also be bought online just ensure that you are buying from a reputed online pharmacy that stresses on customer safety like I did. Always remember that opioids should only be taken for a short while as it could lead to addiction and further complications. Don’t stop your dosage suddenly because that could lead to withdrawal. So confirm with your doctor how you should discontinue the use of your dosage.

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