Inadequate Sleep and the Effects on the Body

By | July 27, 2016

Sleeping disorders are now a universal problem and are common all over the western civilization. There are millions of people who live a fast paced lifestyle which also causes the problem of not having enough time to get adequate rest and sleep. Some of these sleep disorders are due to other disorders such as psychological problems or chronic insomnia. Many people have never learned how to get the best night’s sleep possible or how to rest daily. This has resulted in a serious decline of man hours, lives and production. In turn, human imagination is rapidly declining.

Sleep deprivation is when your entire body is not getting the adequate about of sleep it needs to make it through the day. Some diurnal changes within the body and mind cause this problem. Then there are some disorders which are caused by extreme forms of insomnia. The problem could also be caused by other people, for example a baby or someone in the house who snores. Not getting the right amount of sleep can be extremely hazardous and unhealthy. According t a few psychological studies, some mental illness are helped by not sleeping as much as normal. This is only in rare cases.

Being sleep deprived results in many negative changes within the physiology of the body and mental composure. Many who do not sleep feel irritable, have impaired vision, speech which sounds stuttery, suffer from deprived sleep, experience extreme confusion, hallucinations and nauseous stomach. If a person goes for too long with adequate sleep, this could lead to chronic insomnia as well as dementia. Many people who do not sleep become overweight. Being overweight leads to many other health problems.

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There are recent studies which show that not getting the rest you need is just as dangerous as being intoxicated. If you sleep for fewer than 6 hours per night, your coordination, mental alertness, judgment, and reaction times will be greatly affected. After a while, all of this can lead to muscular problems. The mind will lose its ability to control the muscles throughout the body. Each adult needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night to function properly. College students are said to need more than 8 hours of sleep per night. Teens, children and babies need even more.

Many college students suffer from sleep disorder due to having to stay awake for long periods at night to cram for tests and exams. Some lose a great deal of sleep from partying with friends. Going without sleep for too long of a period of time will result in being lethargic all day as well as feeling lazy. Eventually, many college students suffer from poor and declining grades due to lack of sleep. Nonetheless, the late night partying eventually causes the students budget to tighten up or become depleted.

Sleep should be valued as it is very precious. We all need sleep to keep our bodies healthy and maintained. Sleep disorders can eventually lead to more chronic health problems and harsher complications the more time passes without the right amount of sleep.

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