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By | November 13, 2015

iPod Touch Buy or not to buy. These are some of the question one may ask as we are bombarded with a lot – in this case from Apple. There’s the iPod and of course the recently launched iPad. It can’t be helped to compare the iPhone to the iPod Touch as the latter beckons me “iPod Touch Buy me” now.

The iPod Touch is frequently called an iPhone without the phone. However, until now there have been several other features also missing in the iPod touch besides the phone: a camera, GPS, magnetometer (compass), and some newer amenities from the iPhone 4: front-facing camera, high resolution “Retina display” as it has been dubbed, and the powerful 1GHz A4 processor–indeed a necessity to keep up with multitasking. That all changes, now.

The 4th gen iPod Touch brings with it some new features and amenities, some of which have been anticipated by iPod Touch fans and developers alike. The striking new design of the latest iPod Touch is definitely a looker. Apple has made it even thinner (and I thought it was already too thin before) complete with a beautiful chrome back. While the super thin design is certainly attractive, I’ve found it slightly difficult to keep it well-gripped in your hands.

The usual chrome back looks great too, but it’s scratch-insistent. Yes, it’s incredibly easy to scratch it all up, even after the first few days. For these two reasons, definitely get yourself a silicone skin. For ages, the feature topping everyone’s wishlist for the iPod Touch has been a camera – and Viola!!! It handles HD video too–bonus! Granted, its not the 5 megapixel camera that the iPhone 4 sports, but again, the new iPod touch is thinner than ever, making it a miracle that we even got a camera in the first place, let alone two! Yes, Apple went the extra mile so we could make video calls with our iPhone toting friends, via their FaceTime app. Brilliant! So, having not had any camera on the iPod touch before, and now having TWO cameras on it, no complaints, can we? Other features that scream iPod Touch Buy now! 15{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} larger battery, HD video recording and editing, built-in mic, wireless-n for nearly double the WiFi connection speed and distance, 3-axis gyroscope sensor, which complements the existing accelerometer sensor, both of which handle the rotating, swinging and other motion gestures of the device (previously, rotation were roughly calculated from

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accelerometer data), and new placement of the sleep/power button on the right (but still as difficult as ever to press). Features still missing that may also scream iPod Touch Buy me not include: 512MB of memory, vibration, 5 MP quality camera + flash (iPhone apps now support using LED flash as a flashlight, like Android does), magnetometer (compass), and the GPS. I’d happily trade the thinness of the latest iPod touch to have the GPS. WiFi based location is often inaccurate, and the GPS doesn’t need a WiFi or cellular connection, it just needs to see the satellites in the sky. Flash is also a great debate, one I won’t get into.

I will just say that all is not as it seems with the Flash-support-touting Android platform. Flash does work, but it is buggy because Flash doesn’t play well with touch interfaces. Flash based video players don’t work right, and I even run Android 2.2, which is supposed to have the “full Flash experience”. It doesn’t, trust me. So you’re not missing much by not having Flash on the iPod touch! Given what has been said, I think you’ll find the iPod Touch to be an extraordinarily useful, possibly even highly addictive device, with a price tag that is well worth it, especially the 32GB model. With all the things that the iPod Touch can do, it is undeniably will enhance your life and change the way you interact with the Web and might even bring about the gamer in you. It sure gave me all the reason to say iPod Touch

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