is hydrocodone the best pain killer?

By | September 13, 2016

Millions of people use Hydrocodone acetaminophen medication daily to get relief from their pain and suffering, which makes it the most widely used and popular pain medication. There can be multiple causes for the pain which can lead to moderate to severe pain. Hydrocodone works effectively on moderate to severe pain and helps the patients to get relief from their pain due to any sickness, recent injury or a surgery. It also provides relief to the people who suffer from chronic pain and helps them lead a normal life.

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What is hydrocodone?

Hydrodocone is an opioid substance that is approved by the FDA as a pain medication . It is most often combined with a non-opioid substance called as acetaminophen to act as an effective medication to cure moderate to severe pain. The active ingredients in this medication targets the brain and suppresses the feeling of pain.

How to take hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone acetaminophen formulation comes in different dosages such as 5 mg hydrocodone, 7 mg hydrocodone , 10 mg hydrocodone and 15 mg hydrocodone. They all come in form of tablets,pills or capsules, meant to be taken orally one dosage every 4-6 hours or upon experiencing pain. The amount of the dosage and the frequency of the medication can be adjusted depending on the severity of the sickness and the response of the patient upon consultation with the doctor. However, it is strictly advised not to take more than 8 dosages of hydrocodone in 24 hours else you may experience some adverse effects which can be harmful.

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What are the side effects of hydrocodone?

Like every other powerful medication , hydrocodone acetaminophen medication can inflict some side effects. These side effects are minor and they wash off naturally without requiring any treatment, but if they persist or worsen, make sure that you inform your doctor or seek medical attention.

Some of the common side effects include-

Stomach pain
Body ache and headache
Sleeping problems

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