Joint Pain in Seniors

By | July 15, 2016

Joint pain is a common affliction in seniors; whether it is an aching back, stiff fingers or trouble walking too far, many seniors find that as they age, their joints go with them. It is so common that there are entire doctors and specialists devoted to helping elders deal with this problem. Joint pain in seniors is most commonly caused simply by wear and tear on the joints caused by years of physical activities. While there is no out and out cure for the problem, there are several ways to manage it.


The most common way is of course through the use of drugs, usually pain killers and sometimes things like steroids in order to help ease joint pain and stiffness. Generally these are prescription, although there is a brisk business done in over the counter drugs as well. Many seniors are able to afford these drugs through their healthcare insurance or through government assistance.

Natural Herbs

Some people find relief in the botanical cures. Popular herbs include Angelica root (which acts as anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and pain killer) and is made into a tea. This is the most popular herb because it covers all the bases. Another good one though is Black Cohash which has the same effect as Angelica root and is made into a tea, though it can be a bit harder to find. Boswellia only has anti-inflammatory properties, but won’t upset your stomach as some drugs do. These are just a few of the natural herbs which have been used to relive joint pain.

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Some gentle exercise has been found to help joint pain; typically elder’s yoga is recommended because the gentle stretches aren’t hard to do, but provide real relief. It is also a social activity, which alleviates things like depression, isolation and in turn can further relieve joint pain since many people find that when they are upset, they are even more prone to pain. You can check for yoga classes at senior centers and local gyms.

Most seniors find that a combination of the above works well for their joint pain and for their budget and abilities. It’s best to figure out a good solution for your joint pain and stick with it so you can go back to your regular life and doing what you enjoy without the pain of joint pain.

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