Know Whether You Have Dependence On Pain Killers

By | August 14, 2016

Pain relievers are often the resort of people suffering from pain in order to function well again. However, you may not be aware of the truth that pain killers do not actually solve the problem at all, but triggers the pain to get back. The tendency then is to take them more, resulting in substance abuse. It is essential then that you understand whether you are already addicted or not. Take the tips below to ascertain the indications of dependency.

Be Honest

You realize yourself too well so you can track when was the very first time you commenced taking pain killers. This will allow you to determine the degree of your consumption of the drug. And if you think that you are having problem regarding your intake, then assess yourself as you are more likely to have its signs.

Self Observance

Take the drug and learn whether it irritates you when your family or friends comment on your use of pain killer. This defensive reaction is just one of the manifestations of having a drug problem.

Determination of Guilt

In case you have the feeling of guilt as you are taking pain killers, you are becoming addicted to the drug. Guilt feeling is another indication of being hooked on the drug or developing dependency.

Know Your Pain Killer Dose

Think about whether there is an instance when you take the drug over what was prescribed by your doctor. Ask yourself whether you used it just to fall asleep at night or to perk up in the morning. Both are symptoms of tolerance to the medication’s effects that actually leads to dependence.


Speak To Your Physician For Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

If you have suspicion of being dependent on pain killers, this may be the appropriate time to set up an appointment with your doctor or any other medical experts to discuss your health concerns. There are many options available to help you, which still rely on your progress. It is very important to be honest with your doctor and yourself and do something to make your dilemma correct. And if you are diagnosed of pain killer dependency, it is best if you go for a therapy plan right away before your health problem gets worst.

Take these tips into account so you will know exactly what to do when diagnosed with painkiller dependence. It is still best to know the extent of your addiction first before going through any therapy plan. As layman’s term always say, prevention is better than cure.

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