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By | January 24, 2016

Coming to Terms With Sexsomnia
Klonopin is an anti-anxiety sedative shown to be effective in treating sexsomnia over 70 percent of the time. But I didn't take it. For one, I'm … Having your phone by your bed or a TV in the room are some of the biggest offenders. I've since …
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Eminem In Shock: Sister-In-Law Found Dead Of A Drug Overdose
What's more, Les Martin, with whom Scott lived on-and-off for the past four years, said he pleaded with Kim during numerous phone calls over the last year to help her sister. “I've been trying like hell to save her life,” … “She said, 'That's not my …
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Police officer shot and killed overnight in Knox Co; Officer and suspect
He said Herschel had taken a quantity of an anti-anxiety drug called Klonopin. “He was out of …. I'm wondering why dispatch failed to make contact with the officer in the 20 minutes in between the phone call and the time that the officer was shot …

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