LotFancy FDA Approved Digital Auto Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor with Case,30×4 Memories, WHO Indicator,Last 3 Results Average

By | April 3, 2016
LotFancy FDA Approved Digital Auto Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor with Case,30x4 Memories, WHO Indicator,Last 3 Results Average

FDA approved.


Note: Batteries Not included


-Apply cuff as illustrated in the manual and tighten firmly before starting the reading

-Take blood pressure at the same time every day. In the morning shortly after getting up is best

-Don’t use the monitor in a very cold environment,don’t use monitor when you want to discharge urine

-Avoid eating, alcohol, smoking, exercising, medications, and bathing for 30 minutes before measuring blood pressure

-Rest in a chair for 5 to 10 minutes before taking a reading,don’t talking or moving when measuring

-Sit in a comfortable position and rest your arm on a table at approximately heart level for the reading

-Note that your blood pressure can vary significantly in as little as a few minutes

-For maximum accuracy you can use the option to average your last 3 readings

Fit wrist circumference : 5.3-8.5 inch

Dimensions : 3.03×2.52×1.26 inch

Irregular Heart Beat Detection

WHO Classification Indicator

Last 3 Results Average

Low Battery Indicator

Memory: 4×30 memories

Accuracy: ±3 mmHg (±0.4 KPa)

Test Range: 20 mmHg-300 mmHg (2.7 KPa-40 KPa)

Pulse Accuracy: ±5%

Pulse Test Range: 30-180 Beats/Minute

Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), 1.77 inch x 1.18 inch

Power Source:2 Batteries Size AAA

Battery Life: Approximately Two Months @ 3 Times Usage Per Day

Weight: Approximately 120g excluding battery

Use Environment: Temperature:5°C-40°C(41°F-104°F);Relative Humidity:<80%RH

Package include:

1x Blood pressure monitor wrist type

1x storage case

1x manual

(Batteries NOT included)

  • FDA approved,automatic pressurization,jumbo LCD display
  • Irregular heart beat detection,30×4 memories for 4 users
  • Last 3 results average,WHO (world health organization ) blood pressure classification indicator
  • Low battery indicator, auto shut off function conserve your battery
  • Package include: 1x Blood pressure monitor, 1x storage case, 1x manual
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