Low Back Pain? Try Chiropractic!

By | July 26, 2016

So many people go through their life in a low level of chronic pain. Some have lived with their pain for so long they no longer notice it. If you watch TV, you’ll see ad that blame your mattress and want you to buy their more expensive mattress. Other ads claim the pain is due to stress or pollutants and people find themselves looking for some type of pain killer to “take the edge off.” Constant pain can be at its worse when its in the low back, as it can make your daily routine more difficult, even just moving around or picking stuff up can be nearly impossible.

Chiropractic can make for a great answer to lower back pain, whether it is constant and nagging or sudden and severe. This is because most of the time your lower back pain is caused by muscles in your back pulling unevenly on either side of your spine, resulting in soreness, a pinched nerve or just plain aches and pain. Another possibility is problems with the spine itself, in which case you certainly want to be dealing with someone who specializes in the back.

Not all chiropractors are created equally or think the same way, however. In chiropractic healthcare, there seem to be two general schools of thought. The first is that chiropractics deals exclusively with physical issues of the spine and back, and its alignment. Practitioners of this traditional form of chiropractic will use only their hands and sometimes the help of diagnostic testing or radiographic images before they make corrections to the alignment of the spine and give relief for low back pain.

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The other involves something called a subluxation, which is a single misaligned vertebra putting pressure on the nervous system, which may hamper blood or energy flow up and down the spine. Some subluxation based doctors believe they can solve nearly every bodily ill by correcting and preventing these misalignments with a constant regimen of maintenance, and may offer themselves as general practitioners as well.

For this reason it is important to look for a chiropractor with experience in sports medicine or who specializes in back pain. They will be able to either identify and fix the problem in your back that is causing you pain, or be able to identify if it is something more serious which spinal manipulation may actually make worse. The spine is a delicate area and one wrong move can leave a person paralyzed or worse. It is important to treat it with care and precision, but with the right chiropractor your lower back pain is in good hands.

Philip Vincent is a health educator. Need a Spokane Chiropractor? Consider a visit to this Spokane Chiropractor.

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