Mag R&R Natural Muscle Relaxer, Pain Reliever & Sleep Aid – EXTRA STRENGTH. Relieves leg cramps and restless legs. The ONLY Natural Muscle Relaxer with therapeutic doses of natural ingredients.

By | April 19, 2017
Mag R&R Natural Muscle Relaxer, Pain Reliever & Sleep Aid - EXTRA STRENGTH. Relieves leg cramps and restless legs. The ONLY Natural Muscle Relaxer with therapeutic doses of natural ingredients.

The ONLY natural-based muscle relaxant blend formulated with clinically effective doses of natural herbs and supplements.

On the evening of your first dose, we guarantee you’ll feel more relaxed and will experience a deeper, more restful sleep.

If you don’t – we’ll refund 100{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} of your purchase price. No questions asked.

SEE OUR 100{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Why does Mag R&R work so well? First, 48{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. This can lead to poor sleep, muscle cramps, and chronic pain.

If you experience any of the following, you may be magnesium deficient:
*anxiety/tension, *leg cramps, *restless sleep, *chronic fatigue.

Mag R&R provides an impressive 900mg of Magnesium Glycinate, helping ease muscle tension and improve nerve transmission. It also contains two powerhouse herbs that boost your body’s natural stress response: Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha. These two herbs combined lift mood and improve central nervous system health, aiding in recovery and physical endurance.

Vitamin B6, 5-HTP, Passion Flower, GABA, and Melatonin are 5 other important components of Mag R&R that not only help you feel relaxed and happy – they also enhance restful sleep and reduce stress levels.

Not only does Mag R&R put you at ease – it reduces stress, improves sleep quality, shortens recovery time, and improves physical endurance.

No questions asked.

Whether you are a restless sleeper, suffer from nighttime muscle cramps, or are an athlete in need of some extra recovery support – Mag R&R TM will help you relax AND recover.

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FREE REPORT with Each Order: 20 page report outlines the research behind Mag R&R’s ground-breaking formula.

Click Add to Cart now, because Mag R&R will help you get some much needed rest & recovery—NATURALLY!

  • ★ CLINICALLY-SUPPORTED INGREDIENTS & DOSES: The first and only natural-based muscle relaxer formulated with clinically supported doses of minerals and herbs. While most “natural” nighttime formulas use ingredients such as Valerian or KavaKava that only cause drowsiness, Mag R&R’s natural nutrient blend helps you relieve muscle tension AND induce a feeling of calmness. And unlike many OTC sleep and relaxant formulas, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.
  • ★ REDUCES STRESS & FATIGUE: Mag R&R contains clinically supported doses of super-extracts such as Rhodiola and Ashwagandha to boost endurance, mental performance, and reduce anxiety. In a study published in Phytomedicine, night shift medical doctors were given 100 mg of Rhodiola Rosea, resulting in significant improvements in fatigue, concentration, and overall mental performance in just two weeks. Mag R&R contains 120 mg EACH of Rhodiola and Ashwagandha Root Extract.
  • ★ RELIEVES PAIN, LEG CRAMPS & SPASMS, back pain, muscle soreness, and tension & anxiety. Magnesium has been shown to be an effective therapeutic intervention for generalized pain. We use only the most bioavailable form of magnesium. Unlike cheaper forms such as Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Glycinate is readily absorbed into the intestinal walls and does NOT cause a laxative effect. Mag R&R contains an impressive 900 mg of Magnesium Glycinate to help support healthy muscle and nerve function.
  • ★ CLINICALLY PROVEN NATURAL SLEEP SUPPORT: Mag R&R contains the clinically proven sleep combination of 5-HTP and GABA. A 2016 study published in Behavioral Brain Research reveals that these two amino acids have a synergetic effect when combined – improving sleep quality, reducing sleep onset time, and reducing wakefulness throughout the night. Mag R&R utilizes 100 mg EACH of these two scientifically-backed amino acids
  • ★ SALTWRAP’S QUALITY GUARANTEE – MADE IN USA (in GMP Approved Facility) with Premium Ingredients: Magnesium Glycinate, Rhodiola Rosea, Ashwagandha, Vitamin B6, 5-HTP, GABA, Passion Flower, and Melatonin. FREE OF: Gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish, soy, titanium dioxide. Mag R&R is 100{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} GUARANTEED — If you don’t experience complete relaxation and restful sleep with your first dose, we’ll refund 100{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} of your purchase. No questions asked.
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