Most Popularly Used Ayurvedic Capsules

By | January 18, 2017

Various types of medicines are prepared by the companies that are engaged in the field of medicine. Different systems including ayurvedic system of medicine have become popular in the world.

Medicines including vati, churna, syrups and capsules are prepared by the ayurvedic companies.
Following few ayurvedic capsules work wonders in giving quick relief to the patients:

a. Amla Capsules – Prepared from Phyllanthus emblica fruits powder; this capsule works wonders in giving immediate relief from indigestion and other related problems. Rich contents of vitamin C help the patients to say NO to inflammation and other diseases. Acidity, respiratory problems and general fatigue are got rid of with its use.

b. Arjun Capsules – Prepared from the Arjuna bark; these capsules help in hypertension and cardiac problems. Patients suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure must try this capsule.

c. Ashwagandha Capsules – These capsules help in strengthening the body and its various parts. Those suffering from general debility must try these capsules. Known as Indian Ginseng; Ashwagandha helps in saying NO to stress and depression. Even use works wonders in strengthening the brain. Old aged people must try it.

d. Bavachi Capsules – Made from the powder of Psoralea corylifola seeds; these capsules help for leucoderma, psoriasis and wounds etc. Other problems like frequent urination, gout, piles, vitiligo etc are also got rid of with its use.

e. Bhangra Capsules – Made from eclipta alba leaves powder; these capsules work wonders in giving relief from hair problems, viral hepatitis, liver problems or other diseases. These capsules help in even growth of hair. Immune system gets boosted with these capsules.

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f. Bhumlamalakl Capsules – Prepared from the phyllanthus niruri plant powder, these capsules help in treatment of jaundice, kidney stones, viral hepatitis, anorexia, oedema, genitor-urinary disorders, gonorrhea, dropsy, dyspepsia and bacterial infections etc.

g. Boswellia capsules – Made from the boswellia serrata gum extract powder; these capsules help in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylitis and ankylosing spondylitis. It is useful for gout, fibrositis, myositis and other disorders. Problems like stiffness and pain in the joints and bronchial asthma, crohn’s disease are set aright with even use of this capsule.

h. Brahmi Capsules – Prepared form Centella asiatica leaves; these capsules help in brain disorders. Weakness of brain, memory loss and other disorders are set aright with its use. Skin diseases and premature aging can be checked with these capsules. Mental fatigue can also be checked with these capsules.

i. Galo Capsules – Made from the Tinospora cordiafolia stem powder, these capsules help in boosting our immunity. Diseases including urinary problems, stomach ulcer, jaundice, gout, eczema, psoriasis, cancer, anemia, fatigue, syphilis, diabetes are set aright with its use. Cough, fever, acidity, dyspepsia, diabetes, piles, viral hepatitis, biliousness, and other problems are also set aright with its use.

j. Gokhru Capsules – Prepared from the Tribulus terrestris fruits powder; these capsules help in increasing testosterone levels. It is helpful in diseases like impotence, premature aging, kidney problems, low sperm count, chronic cystitis and gonorrhea etc.

k. Gurmar Capsules – These capsules are made from gymnema sylvestre leaves powder. They are helpful in obesity, diabetes, bacterial infection, obesity and other problems. Patients suffering from diabetes, constipation and urinary problems must try these capsules.

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Ayurvedic capsules work wonders in giving sufficient and instant relief from various physical problems. No side effects have been reported with their even use.

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