Natural Way To Cure Anxiety

By | June 24, 2016

It was earlier in my 4th grade year that i suffer this anxiety thing. It is been so difficult to take up my life with this anxiety it really messes up everything.i take up medication for years and taking drugs that only brings me to the same thing after its effectiveness.It is been so hard living with the system of medication without assurance to cure this anxiety and this drive me to research on the natural ways to cure anxiety.

I made this article to share great thing and points on how to live life free from anxiety using natural ways.

According to my research, there are more choices to choose from the natural cures for anxiety. The best and widely use methods are through exercising, breathing and thought technique processes. This natural cures for anxiety is better to relax the tension from anxiety.

You may have noticed already that your anxiety is a vicious cycle of worried thoughts. Whether or not you’re aware of what you’re worried about, that’s what it is. In my case, I have a general idea of what is causing my anxiety but not exactly. I am pointing this out because anytime you feel like you’re going to have anxiety, your mind expects it and you believe you’re going to have anxiety and BOOM, panic attack. You must control those thoughts from becoming too active. When it’s not on your mind, you’re not having anxiety. That’s why you will hear some say go out and ride your bike or get up and walk around, talk to someone, go jogging, or go to the gym. That’s the physical part of curing anxiety which we will talk about later on.

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Talking about herbal solutions to anxiety cures are best to be discussed.

Herbal remedies are fun. I always loved the idea of being able to go to the store and buying certain things that would help cure my anxiety. People have said that Passion Flower is a great herbal solution to anxiety. I’ve also read drinking Green Tea can help from a few places as well. All these might claim they cure anxiety but you’ll have to find out on your own to see what works best for you. There are many natural sedatives that won’t knock you out and make you feel like a zombie for the entire day. They will only help reduce the high levels of anxiety which is caused by your subconscious mind which makes it feel so uncontrollable.

List are provided below to cure anxiety using the herbal sedatives:

L-theanine – produces a feeling of tranquility

Passion Flower – reduces anxiety and promotes a positive outlook.

Valerian – calms both mind and body

Magnesium Taurinate – calms the mind and supports mental wellbeing.

Niacinamide – contains anti-anxiety properties.

And others as well.

Physical exercise is also a great way to take your mind off things. Being active and getting exercise helps by expelling your excess negative emotions and adrenaline. You will feel more relaxed and enter a more calm state of being, explained in hippy terms. Here’s the technical reason why getting exercise helps reduce anxiety.

“Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, releases hormones, stimulates the nervous system, and increases levels of morphine-like substances found in the body (such as beta-endorphin) that can have a positive effect on mood. Exercise may trigger a neurophysiological high-a shot of adrenaline or endorphins- that produces an antidepressant effect in some, an anti-anxiety effect in others, and a general sense of “feeling better” in most.”

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– Michael H. Sacks, M.D.: Exercise For Stress Control

Need I explain more? Just find something active to do on a nice day or evening. I like to ride my bike, play tennis, go swimming and also have a gym membership which is perfect. Enjoy staying active and you’ll have better mental but also physical results.

For professional help Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can be very effective. The whole idea behind this therapy is to control your negative thoughts before they attack. You ultimately need to retrain the way to think. When you think about, it’s the same thoughts, same cycle, brought on by the same negative thoughts which can repeat itself over and over unless you retrain your brain.

Certain bad situations or potential good situations that are overwhelming, etc. might be uncomfortable to you which will cause you to have worried thoughts which can generate into anxiety and even panic attacks. This is not a method that happens over night but it very very effective because that is the key, to avoid those thoughts that make you anxious.

Some things I would do to deal with anxiety for the time being is breath deep and slowly. I know you’ve heard that before but it works and works great. I also like to call friends or businesses and talk about something fun. I also try to think positive. Think “This is not something to be anxious over because this (put something positive here) is going to happen and it will be soooo cool!”

The main thing you must understand is that anxiety is an uncomfortable, negative, irrational thought that needs to be turned into something positive and put aside. Retrain your brain to understand and accept. There are many natural cures for anxiety and there are many many great methods out there to choose from to help you accomplish your goal to getting rid of anxiety.

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