Natural Ways to Control Bad Breath

By | April 19, 2021


If you find yourself dealing with occasional or chronic bad breath, you may be looking for remedies. While you should discuss concerns about bad breath with your dentist to rule out any underlying medical conditions potentially contributing to your bad breath, there are some easy steps you can take at home to control bad breath naturally.

Natural Ways to Control Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene is key to controlling bad breath, but also to help avoid dental cavities and lower gum disease risk. Some easy, at-home natural ways to control bad breath are included below!

  • Brush your teeth after each time you eat. Keep a spare toothbrush at work or in your car to allow you to brush after eating a meal or snack at work or on the go.
  • Floss at least once a day. Food and plaque build-up between teeth can cause several problems; bad breath is a good sign you need to brush again.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Your tongue can also host bacteria that can cause mouth odors. Carefully brushing it as part of your routine can help reduce bad breath. If you’re someone who smokes or has a dry mouth, you may experience more significant tongue-coating bacteria. You may benefit from using a tongue scraper or a toothbrush that comes with a built-in tongue cleaner to get your tongue clean.
  • Look at your diet. Foods like garlic and onions can contribute to bad breath, as can a diet high in sugar.
  • Remember to get a new, soft-bristled toothbrush every 3-4 months, or whenever you notice that it’s looking frayed.
  • Chronic dry mouth can contribute to bad breath. Avoid dry mouth by drinking lots of water throughout the day, and cutting down on alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, and cigarettes, all of which can cause dry mouth.
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And when it comes to natural ways to control bad breath, products from Miessence, Hyperbiotics, Bio-Botanical Research, and Garden of Life may be able to help.

Toothpaste with Essential Oils by Miessence

Toothpaste with Essential Oils from Miessence is a great way to cleanse and brighten your teeth naturally. This natural toothpaste is formulated without fluoride, and contains organic essential oils and herbs like spearmint essential oil, peppermint essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, clove bud essential oil, and more to help you in your quest for naturally clean teeth and fresh breath.

Freshening Mouthwash by Miessence

After using Miessence’s toothpaste with essential oils, follow up with Miessence’s Freshening Mouthwash. It uses an organic, alcohol-free formula to target the source of your bad breath and freshen it naturally. Essential oils from herbs like sage, thyme, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, clove, myrrh, and more help kill the bacteria that cause bad breath while leaving your breath smelling sweet, fresh, and pleasant.

PRO-Dental for Oral Health by Hyperbiotics

Take the next step in fighting against bad breath with PRO-Dental for Oral Health from Hyperbiotics, a chewable supplement formulated with oral probiotic strains to fight bad breath and promote healthy teeth, gums, ears, throat, and sinuses. Its proprietary probiotic blend supports healthy pH levels in the oral cavity for healthy tooth enamel, while also supporting immune and upper respiratory health, and addressing the root cause of bad breath.

Dentalcidin LS Liposomal Oral Care by Bio-Botanical Research

Dentalcidin LS Liposomal Oral Care from Bio-Botanical Research helps control bad breath in a way that other methods may not address. Firstly, it assists in removing biofilms and plaque. Ingredients like CoQ10 and Quercetin support oral tissues, help reduce swelling, and speed repair. Broad-spectrum botanicals and essential oils, including clove and myrrh, fight biofilms, plaque, and mouth odors. The result is an overall excellent way to promote and maintain healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath.

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Raw Cleanse 7 Day Triple Detox Kit by Garden of Life

For a fast-acting natural detox cleanse that addresses oral health and so much more, try  Raw Cleanse 7 Day Triple Detox Kit from Garden of Life. This natural detox cleanse support supplement is a fast-acting, seven-day triple detox formula that features uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated ingredients that are designed to support your body’s natural digestive and detoxification systems. It naturally promotes oral health, helps control mouth bacteria known to cause bad breath while also supporting healthy, comfortable elimination, bowel health, and immune health.

What are your go-to natural ways to control bad breath?

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