Negative Side Effects of Anxiety Medications

By | May 19, 2016

If you suffer from anxiety or you know someone that suffers from this condition then you have probably heard a lot about the different medications that are available to help a person deal with their symptoms. There are a lot of different medications that can be used to help with this condition and some of them include Klonopin, Ativan and even Xanax.

While there are a lot of benefits related to anti-anxiety medications that are often prescribed to individuals, there are negative side effects as well. Most people are looking for a quick fix related to their anxiety. Because of this, they do not pay much attention to the negative side effects that can be experienced. However, some of them can be very serious and it is important to understand what these are very early on so that you are able to notify a professional if you begin to experience any of them.

The most common side effects that are experienced are being really tired, depressed, dizzy or even forgetful. Some people have reported that they also feel really sick to their stomach. Many of these side effects will become more serious if you are taking a large dose of the medication. For most people these side effects will begin to decrease and they may even disappear all together.

Now, you may be wondering what some of the more serious side effects are related to any of the anti-anxiety medications that you may consider taking. Some of these side effects may include aggressive behavior or even hallucinations and mania. These side effects are generally seen in elderly individuals or even in younger children. Because of this, you will want to be sure that you are paying very close attention to individuals that are taking this medication so you can help them avoid any serious complications.

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A negative side effect for many of these medications is the fact that many of them are only supposed to be used for a very short length of time. When they are used for long periods of time they can become addictive. This could result in drug abuse later on or the person may move on to more serious drugs. This should be a really large concern for parents that have children who may take these medications.

These pills should never be taken for a long length of time and they should never be considered to be a fix all for any problems that an individual may be experiencing. People that are suffering from an anxiety disorder should be able to work with a professional in order to find positive coping skills and other ways that they can deal with their feelings. This will ultimately increase their feelings of self worth and control and it will decrease their need to rely on any medications that may be given to them.

All possible side effects should always be discussed with a doctor before you make any decisions to take something. Just because it is recommended by a doctor does not mean it is best for you and it does not mean you have to take it. Learning the facts can help you make informed, safe decisions that you can feel good about.

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