Pain balms give instant relief from aches, pains and blocked nose

By | August 5, 2016

Balms are multipurpose topical medicines made from essential oils. They are known for the ability to relieve all types of pains. Since the majority of Ayurvedic balms provide a pleasant heating sensation when rubbed on the affected area, there is almost instant relief from pains. A balm that doesn’t leave rashes and burning sensation considered good. Balms are also useful in providing relief from the discomfort caused by the cough and cold. They clear the nasal passage and make the patient comfortable by easing out the breathing. The effect gets enhanced multiple times when inhaled with steam vapors. All balms are not ideal for steam vapors, though. One should read the instructions before application.

How to apply balms for maximum benefit?

Rubbing Ayurvedic balms on the sore spot relieves from pain caused by strain or sprain. However, some balms need just a gentle massage and not excessive rubbing. It is important not to rub near the eyes in case of sough and cold. Some balms cause unbearable burning sensation and redness in the eyes. Only a small amount of balm should be rubbed on the forehead and upper side of the nose.

Inhaling vapors could be incredibly beneficial. One should put a small amount of balm in hot steaming water to inhale. Simple steam pots used by beauticians can be used for it effectively. Otherwise, one should cover the head and face with a towel in such a way that the steam doesn’t go out. It is quite an effective way of getting relief from choked nasal passage.

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It is most important to know that balms are strictly for external use. If there are allergic symptoms by a particular product, then the usage should be stopped immediately. Sometimes, people have an allergy for Eucalyptus Oil or Peppermint Oil, which are the common ingredients. Aromatic substances like Wintergreen Oil, Camphor, Thymol, and Menthol are other popular ingredients.

Some balms are specialized in muscular pain

Some special purpose Ayurvedic balms are made exclusively for muscular pains. The Ayurvedic herbs used in such balms soothe muscles and remove swelling. They make the joints supple and reduce friction. These balms are made to balance the “Vata” and “Kafa” elements which are responsible for muscular and joint pain, according to Ayurveda. They can be used for symptomatic relief for all types of muscular and orthopedic pains. Young and old, athletes and children; all get benefited by balms. They make our life simple and pain-free.

The Ayurvedic Balms are available for lips, pain, headache etc. These balms are known to be effective for pain killing and others.

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