Pain Killer Addiction And Abuse

By | May 30, 2016

Pain Killers, also known as the opioids, are normally prescribed due to the pain relieving assets. Many researches have also exposed that correctly managed medical use of the pain killer composite is safe as well as rarely a root to addiction. Taken precisely as given, opioids can also be used in order to manage the pain efficiently, which is of course what they are made for.

For those of you who do not know, the pain killers in the opiate category have very similar effects to heroin. The addictions, abuse, and withdrawal from the two are almost identical. A lot of people who end of being addicted to pain killers often switch to heroin because it is cheaper and easier to find. So pain killer addictions are not to be underestimated.

With that being said, pain killer addiction does occur to regular people who are prescribed pain killers by doctors. Every day people like me and you. Studies have also shown that each year, about 2 million citizens are given pain killers, the majority of which belong to family of the opioids.

There are lots of drug treatment centers, which treat pain killer addiction. The reality of the topic is that, the pain killer addiction, like addiction to such pain killers as oxycontin, percocets, and vicodins just to name a few, are very similar to heroin addiction. That goes for the effects of the drugs on yours mind and body, the high, as well as the withdrawal symptoms. The Pain killer addictions, thus, must not be ignored, as they are very serious that can also lead to a lot of suffering, it can quickly ruin your life and the ones you love.

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There are also lots of side effects as well as undesirable reactions, which can take place with the abuse of the pain killers. Many of the other drugs can interrelate with opioids as well as cause variety of other symptoms; this can be very serious. Opiates must never be taken while drinking alcohol or with the use of any other drug, especially speed such as cocaine and methamphetamines. With that said, speed is often the drugs taken together with opiates (often called speed balling) which is a very dangerous combination. People take the speed, and later take the pain killers or heroin to come down from the speed high and go to sleep.

Addiction to pain killers and heroin is an increasing problem nowadays, specially the neglect of the opiate pain killers. It is significant to get aid as well as try not to get off the pain killers on your own. It is almost impossible to get out of an opiate addiction on your own. You most likely will always need a professional detoxification and then professional counseling for many years.

It is very important to totally change your life style when you are trying to get out of any opiate addiction, whether it be to prescription pain killers or heroin. Some of the most important things to do are to get rid of the friends who use, and to get professional help to learn how to handle triggers and deal with every day life without using drugs.

Pain killer and heroin addicts deal with their problems by taking their opiates when they have problems in life. When they attempt to quit, they often do not know what to do when problems arise, because they no longer have their drugs to take care of their problems for them.

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It is very important to educate yourself on this subject if you or someone you love is addicted to either pain killers or heroin.

Greg is an avid writer and an open recovering opiate addict. He enjoys sharing his information about pain killer and heroin addiction as he has been through it all before many times. He has devoted the site My Pain Killer Addictions to overcoming pain killer and heroin addiction.

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