Pain Management isn’t a Dream Anymore. Your Own Pain Cream Cures that for You.

By | August 26, 2016

While for a layman pain seems indomitable, we the doctors see pain from altogether a different point of view. A lot of critical analysis goes into the pain analysis and diagnosis. Even on top of all this, few patient’s agony elude our analysis and remain unconquerable to our medicinal capture.

We doctors have different ways of approach towards a patient’s pain. If it’s an acute agony caused because of an accident, then we go with immediate suffering relievers like agony killer tablets and injections. These work wonderfully in numbing out the cells near the injured area on a patient’s body to let him/her not feel the sensation of sufferer.

There’s another form of agony i.e. chronic pain. Chronic pains are a result of serious internal damages like muscle tear, muscle strain, muscle wear off and other incomprehensible causes. As I am not supposed to go too deep in engaging medical jargon here, I will keep it simple and short.

People adhere to standard pain relieving treatment forms like pain killers but they will have adverse side effects on the patient’s health conditions in the long run. That is why we may prescribe the pain killers in the initial stages of treatment to patients but we strongly advise against them in the later stages of treatment. They will have hazardous aftermath on a patients’ recuperative process.

The other mitigated form of pain treatment people dominantly stick to is resorting to over the counter agony creams or sprays. Any physical exertion like yoga, jogging and aerobics can have positive impact on patients to an extent but these Over the Counter creams are an absolute waste according to me.

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During these times of despair for agony suffer bearing people, I must admit that compounding procedure has offered glints of hope. Compound pain management creams are pain centric i.e. each person’s agony is considered as a single case and a pain cream will be compounded suitably as per the raised request.

There are specific ingredients that go into a standardized pain cream which will find their place in a compounded pain cream as well. After I jot down those standardized ingredients, I will brief about how they vary in a compounded pain cream.

Ketoprofen, Piroxicam, Ibuprofen nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory agents.

Cyclobenzaprine, Baclofen, Guaifenasin muscle relaxants.

Lidocaine, Prilocaine anesthetics.

Nifedipine for tissue perfusion / absorption.

Ketamine pain blocker.

Amitriptyline, Gabapentin – effective in relieving nerve pain.

Each ingredient above is mentioned with their respective functions that constitute to the whole project of mitigating pain in a patient.

These ingredients are finely proportioned for a compound pain cream to suit the bodily needs of a subscribed patient to provide him/her with their own compounded pain cream.
This procedure is usually costly but few of pain cream providers accept medical insurance policies of their subscribers which will bring them closer to their pain creams for very economical prices!

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