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By | July 10, 2016

Millions of people, including children, suffer from chronic pain. Pain management specialists are continuously looking for better ways to manage chronic pain. Even with the availability of various effective pain killers, pain management doctors prefer methods that use less medication because of the negative side effects that pain killers usually cause. This is true especially in cases of chronic pain since the use of pain killers would necessarily be over a longer period of time and the damage to the body due to pain killer side effects would be proportionality greater.

Research and studies are being conducted to develop alternatives in the treatment of chronic pain. Many pain management specialist and clinics are trying to discover new pain management treatments and techniques. A lot of studies are also looking into old and even ancient ways and traditions of dealing with pain. One such method is the Chinese tradition of acupuncture.

Acupuncturists believe that placing tiny needles on certain points of the skin stimulate Chi. The Chi is the flow of energy in the body which is essential in ensuring good health and maintaining its proper functions. The procedure may seem scary at first but acupuncture is actually safe and painless. Although acupuncture has no clear-cut medical or scientific explanation, pain management centers encourage patients to explore and discover the benefits of acupuncture. After all, there is no dispute that acupuncture indeed reduces pain significantly. More importantly, children may also undergo acupuncture. In fact, alternative pain management techniques such as acupuncture will benefit children the most since they would not have to deal with too much pain medication. Having to take pain killers at such a young age will make them more susceptible to long-term side effects.

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Acupuncture also promotes relaxation. Relaxation is essential also in pain management since stress is a contributing factor of pain. Although more research is necessary to make acupuncture more universally acceptable, the mere fact that it does not pose any harm nor cause any negative side effect is reason enough to try it out. It is understandable to have apprehensions since the thought of having needles sticking out of your skin is something to reckon with. Fortunately, there is an option available for those who are genuinely afraid of needles. Instead of needles, acupuncturists may sometimes use small warm glasses. These glasses are put on specific points on the body, creating a suction. When the glass is pulled away, it draws along with it the tension and the pain from the muscles and from the entire body. This process is also painless and does not produce any negative side effects.

With the current trends in pain management treatments, one can conclude that doctors are opting for more natural ways of treating pain especially when the person will have to deal with it over a long period of time. Pain management specialists are keeping an open mind when it comes to alternative methods in pain management and we can expect to see many more alternative treatments in the future.

Seomul Evans is a senior Medical Marketing expert for leading Dallas Pain Physicians.

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