Pain Medications Used in Labor and Delivery

By | July 20, 2016

Pain is inevitable when it comes to delivering a baby. Nearly every woman is excited about the big day when she will have her long awaited baby in her arms, yet the pain factor makes her nervous. There are women who are so worried about the pain that they even forget the baby, but once he is there they forget everything else and hold him up high. This means that the pain is nothing compared to the joy they get when they hold their baby in their arms. If this was not true then no baby would have had brothers and sisters and women would have feared even the thought of having delivered a baby.

Although you can eliminate pain from the process of delivery, there are certain medications today that can reduce the pain to a certain extent making the process easier and less painful? Every mother should be aware how this pain is caused because it would help them understand how they can reduce it. Basically, at the time of birth, the baby is moved from the uterus to the birth canal. This movement exerts a lot of pressure on the canal as well as the uterus which causes pain.

Even today there are women who prefer going through the natural birth process instead of taking medications, whereas some prefer the medications to reduce the pain especially if they are weak and cannot take the pain. Pushing the baby is the hardest task to do at the time of the birth because the more you push the more pain you get, yet some women take this challenge and do it for their babies to be healthier as they think that medications can have side effects. The choice is totally yours however you do have a lot of options that you can consider to reduce the pain, amongst which is being anesthetized is one option that doesn’t let you feel the pain as you are nearly unconscious.

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Other two vastly used methods for reducing the pain are epidural and pethidine. But, it should be kept in mind that both of these options should only be used after getting permission from the doctor. The doctor studies your overall health condition and can tell you better whether or not it is good for you to take these medications.

Basically, pethidine is a pain killer like morphine. Pethidine is injected into the buttock’s muscles and makes the woman relaxed. It lasts for at least 3 hours making your drowsy in which case you don’t feel the pain and when you are back to normal you will have the baby in your arms.

Epidural on the other hand is a medication that does not makes you unconscious but makes the lower back area numb in which case you won’t be unconscious but your lower body would be numb. It is an effective medication which can make the process easier for you as you won’t feel the pain till the effects last. However, epidural is only to b given by an experienced doctor because even a little unnecessary amount can result in complications. If your body gets too numb you won’t be able to push the baby and your lower body will have contractions.

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