Painkillers: A Brynlee Burchett Novel

By | May 9, 2016
Painkillers: A Brynlee Burchett Novel

Brynlee Burchett is a 17 year-old high schooler in Root, Kentucky. There’s not much to do in Root, unless you come from money—which Brynlee definitely does not. No, Brynlee comes from a hilljack family where her mama is always doped up, her step-daddy is a mean ass tweaker, and her little brother has the Autism. Brynlee is just trying to survive high school while battling the addiction to pain pills. She didn’t mean for it to happen, hell she’s seen what it done to her own family. But the chemical demon got ahold of her, for sure. She’s a pillhead.

Brynlee is holding on best she can, while desperately trying to keep her secret from her friends Rainie and Piper. But she’s sure they are suspecting something at this point. Rainie’s a red-head with a foul mouth, and no issues with confrontation. Piper might be blonde and slight, but she’s smart and knows all the wrong people. Between the two of them, Brynlee is close to being found out.

Brynlee is in deep with pills and with Jace Murphy, a local guy who makes his living selling pot and fighting in a secretive and highly illegal fight ring called the Underground. Jace is Brynlee’s first real love, but he’s a hard-core fighter with big city aspirations. Brynlee’s aspirations still cling to the beautiful country hills, the same hills where her mamaw and papaw have lived her whole life. Their house is as close as she’s ever going to get to a normal life. Brynlee loves to draw and she has talent, but the pills are getting in the way of anything close to normal. She’s riddled with anxiety, and scared to death of being dope sick.

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It doesn’t help that Harley Jane is always looking for a way to make Bryn’s life miserable—including shamelessly throwing herself at Jace. Harley Jane thinks a front row seat at the Underground fights will steer Jace in her directions, and if that doesn’t work, she’s not above punching Brynlee in the face every chance she gets.

Brynlee’s trying to keep it together, but she needs more pills just to function. Luckily, Jace has a plan…

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