Panic Attack Medications: Proceed With Caution

By | May 11, 2016

Panic attack medication is basically the same medications used for generalized anxiety. Medication is used to treat the symptoms of your attack and no the underlying trigger. The medications that are usually prescribed to patients are for there benefit and should help to provide motivation in moving toward a permanent non-medicated solution for the cause of the panic attacks. It is highly recommended that you seek the attention of a specialist such as a psychologist or psychiatrist in helping you diagnosis your triggers and eventually control or completely alleviate them.

Medications for controlling anxiety and panic attacks are considered to be very addictive and should be taken with extreme caution. There are seven categories of these medications and they are as follows:

1.Benzodiazepines: panic, phobias & general anxiety


2.Beta Blockers: social phobia


3.Tricyclic Antidepressants: panic & anxiety; depression & OCD


4.(MAOI’s): panic, phobia, depression


5.(SSRI’s): panic, phobia, depression, OCD


6.Mild Tranquilizer: general anxiety, OCD


7.Anticonvulsant: panic


The main category of prescription drugs used for panic attacks is the benzodiazepines, a select few of the antidepressants and mainly the SSRI’s. The SSRI’s are usually given as a combination therapy along with benzodiazepines.

As effective as these medications are they are not the cure, they are only the control. There is an underlying reason for your panic attack. Researchers believe that there is a genetic link to panic attacks but there is not enough data to hold up that argument. Specialist believe that there is usually and underlying event that has over time created a growing anxiety level that is triggered by an outside element. The trigger can be food, smell, or other sensitivity issues.

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Most panic attack sufferers have a second level of anxiety and that is the fear of another attack. This fear can be greater than the original underlying cause due to the unknown aspect of the trigger and the timing of the event can be very humiliating.

Do not depend on these medications alone. They should be used as a short-term relief for your symptoms since they are very addictive. Seek out help through other forms of therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or psychotherapy.

Besides the medications there are some very successful natural remedies for panic attacks. Hypnotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure as well as selective vitamins and herbs have been extremely successful in relieving the symptoms of a panic attack and can also help control the event of another attack.

Hypnotherapies along with relaxation techniques have been extremely successful in reducing and eliminating future episodes.

One last word of caution concerning prescription medication is that the medications themselves may produce anxiety symptoms and trigger another panic attack. Proceed with caution and seek out the help of a specialist. Most general practitioners do not have adequate training in getting to the root cause of your attacks.

Randy Beckett is an author, speaker and consultant with over 30 years experience. For great information on panic attack medication , visit

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