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By | November 19, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5: Episode 4 – “Slabtown” (Video Review)

Alright guys, Midget here, bringing you my weekly review on The Walking Dead, today we are reviewing the fourth episode of Season 5, this episode is very different however very enjoyable, we see Beth get abused, meet new friends, and sort of re-unite with one of the main characters! 😀

This is the story (Spoilers):

Beth wakes up in Grady Memorial Hospital in the middle of Atlanta. Officer Dawn Lerner, who is in charge of the hospital, assigns her as a nurse under Dr. Steven Edwards, the hospital’s remaining doctor. Dawn enforces a policy in which the people her fellow officers rescue must work under them before they are rescued by the military, while disposing injured people that threaten the scarcity of their medical resources. A heavily injured man, Gavin Trevitt, is brought in, with Dawn unusually insisting that Edwards save him at all costs; she retaliates by hitting Beth when Stevens deems Trevitt a lost cause. Beth encounters another worker, Joan, who had been bitten and recaptured after a failed escape, and is forced to help Dawn and Edwards amputate Joan’s arm. Later, she meets Noah, a laundry worker, who explains to her that only weak people are saved by the officers and tells her that he wishes to escape to his walled community in Virginia. An officer and her rescuer, Gorman, begins making advances towards her, only to be stopped by Edwards. When Beth questions Edwards on why he still stays in the hospital despite their bad conditions, he replies that it is still better inside than the overrun Atlanta. He tells her to give Trevitt a dose of Clozapine, however this results in the latter to have seizures and to flatline. Dawn confronts her about Trevitt’s death, but Noah takes the blame and is badly beaten by the officers. Beth becomes confused when Edwards questions her about giving the correct drug, Clonazepam. Dawn confronts Beth after seeing through Noah’s lie and tells her that she is not proving her worth. Beth and Noah formulate a plan to escape the hospital though the elevator shaft. While hunting for the key of the elevator shaft in Dawn’s office, Beth encounters the body of Joan, who has killed herself by opening up her amputation wound, and Gorman, who tries to blackmail her into sexual acts. She complies in order to buy time for Joan’s reanimation, and smashes his head with a jar before he is eaten by the zombified Joan. She and Noah then proceed to exit through the shaft and fight their way through walkers; although she is tackled by an officer, she smiles after seeing that Noah has made it out. Beth berates Dawn for letting things happen for nothing; Dawn retaliates by knocking her out. Beth later confronts Edwards about deliberately using her to kill Trevitt, another doctor, who would have threatened his position in the hospital. As she prepares to kill Edwards in the hallway, she sees an unconscious Carol brought in a stretcher.
Video Rating: / 5

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