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By | November 25, 2015

Most of us are unaware of the correct means on the basis of which we can correctly judge the quality and perfection of the Saffron to buy available in the market. One of the main reasons behind it is the critical quality because as per the studies saffron is said to be best within two years of its packaging. However, some say that it can be preserved for a longer period of time but it is suggested to be consumed within two years of its packaging. The primary things to look for while buying a saffron spice are the date of packaging of spice and the date of expiry. These two basic information are now days avoided by most of the renowned brands but being an active customer you should know all these details while buying the spice.
The scientific name of the saffron flower is Crocus Sativus, blooms only in the month of October during the autumns. These flowers blooms only for three weeks and one can see the areas where saffron is cultivated are covered with purple flowers all over. The process of harvesting and Saffron packaging is considered to be one of the toughest stages in the production of saffron because of the fact that it requires much labor and dedication to extract saffron from the flower. Such is the complexity of the process that it takes around 150000 flowers of saffron to extract a minimum of 500 grams of saffron spice and all the flowers have to be handpicked. These above mentioned figures are enough to make you understand the great ordeal involved in obtaining pure saffron. With the increasing popularity of the product people have started to attract the customers with the help of marketing gimmicks such as fancy packages like transparent covers that also helps in maintaining the unique aroma of saffron spice.
From all the above mentioned details and information it is clear that because of such unique properties and multiple uses the demand for saffron spice is increasing day by day. The popularity of saffron especially in the Asian continents is very high because of the multiple uses such as in cooking and in religious ceremonies as well. However, with the increasing popularity of saffron the increasing problems of adulteration has also increased and so is the different mediums through which, one can avail saffron. One of them is Buying saffron online which is one of the most convenient and easiest modes of obtaining pure saffron.

With the advent of internet age most of the things have been simplified and such is the case with Saffron . One now has the option of buying saffron online . To know more about genuine quality saffron and its benefits all you have to do is visit http://www.indiakashmirsaffron.com/.

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