REM Sleep Disorder – OTC Sleep Aids Are Not the Answer

By | April 26, 2018

No one likes to experience the extreme discomfort that a sleep disorder may yield. This is because when you are unable to get the proper rest, your body does not recuperate in the manner it needs to in order to maintain its proper function. Remember, the body requires sleep to heal injuries, develop lean muscle mass, relax the mind, and restore respiratory harmony. However, mere sleep alone is not always helpful. Simply dozing off may not deliver the intended effects needed. That is why it is critical to fall into a deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. This will ensure that the body is properly rested and recovery is made more possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as an REM sleep disorder could prevent the deep sleep you should always hope to experience.

REM refers to the extensive movement of the eyes back and forth while sleeping. When a person enters into the REM stage, their body is able to enter into its most relaxed stage of sleep. When rapid eye movement sleep is impeded, the individual may wake up the next morning in a completely exhausted state. This is because the REM sleep disorder has made it impossible for the individual to truly rest. In a way, the sleep disorder figuratively cut the benefit of sleeping in half. This can lead to a great wear down of the physical body. When combined with other sleeping problems such as insomnia, an REM sleep disorder can become even more serious.

In addition to the many physical problems associated with an REM sleep disorder, there are psychological problems that may develop as well. Namely, disrupted REM sleep patterns can lead to nightmares, night terrors, and other several sleep pattern issues. This can literally turn a good night’s sleep into something that must be completely dreaded.

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Of course, those that suffer from a sleep disorder will need a cure. As such, many people will reach for over the counter (OTC) sleep aids in order to overcome their REM sleep disorder. This is not the most beneficial option to seek since OTC sleep aids do not contain any of the ingredients needed to put someone into the REM stage of sleep. In fact, they may contain ingredients that PREVENT a person from entering into the REM stage. As such, OTC sleep aids are not the most recommended of products to deal with an REM sleep disorder.

The best way to deal with the problem of REM sleep is to schedule an appointment with a physician. Often, the treatments offered will be prescription medications that will promote a calm, deep stage of sleep that will restore proper harmony. However there is always side-effect issues you need to consider. And many times you find yourself returning because you still are not achieving the rest you need.

There are other things one can do to overcome such your lack of sleep. Changes in diet and activity levels could have a reliable effect on the problem. Yes, there are many options available to those looking to deal with the problem. This alone provide much hope to those looking to alleviate their problematic situation.

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