Remedies to Cure Back Pain

By | July 28, 2016

Some people have their own remedies to reduce back pain. Not all of these remedies include medication and most can be attempted without experiencing any side effects. These remedies will not work for everyone because each injury can be a result of multiple different things. This article will give a brief description of five of the most common remedies. These remedies include breathing techniques, white willow bark, music therapy, capsaicin cream, and acupuncture.

Breathing techniques have been used for many years to cure back pain. Almost every breathing specialist will have a different method, but they all concentrate on one thing. All breathing techniques are focused around knowing how to properly breathe with your stomach. When breathing in your belly should be pushed put, however many people’s belly comes in as they inhale. By not breathing correctly you can be putting stress on multiple parts of your back. Most people do not think about breathing and do not know that by breathing properly you can reduce your pain.

The willow bark remedy is not so common. Using willow bark to cure pain dates clear back to Ancient Egyptian times. Willow bark contains a pain reliever called salicin. Upon entering the body salicin is converted to salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is known to relieve pain and inflammation. This method does however have some side effects. Salicylic acid can cause stomach ulcers, so therefore willow bark should be used in moderation.

Music therapy is common, however many people do not believe it works. Some people find music therapy a silly remedy of curing back pain but the truth is that is has been tested and proven to work. People that have tried music therapy normally like it. All music therapy sessions may be different but most commonly people relax while listening to southing music three to four times a day. This method of deep relaxation will calm the nerves and muscles thus reducing pain.

Capsaicin cream has also been around for many years. It has the same active ingredient as a chili pepper. When eating a chili pepper a hot tingling sensations over comes the mouth. The same concept is used in capsaicin cream. Capsaicin cream can be purchased at any drugstore and is sold over the counter. Capsaicin cream has the same effect on the body as a prescribed pain killer, however it does not work as quickly nor does it have the same side effects. Capsaicin cream is applied to the skin at the area where pain is experienced three to four times a day. Most people who have used capsaicin cream have found the end result to be successful.

The last remedy is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a traditional technique used by the Chinese. It is offered by a variety of physicians, but can sometimes be expensive. Acupuncture is performed by placing needles into the top layers of skin. There are many different theories about how acupuncture works. Most people think that when the needles are placed the brain is sent a signal that calms the nervous system. This may be true, but all that is known for sure is that acupuncture has a high success rate.

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