Sedation, Types And Degrees

By | January 29, 2018

A lot of patients go to dental clinics everyday for an appointment. Each patient has a unique dental case, requiring personalized treatment. However, no matter how different their cases are, most of them experience a common anxiety caused by the pain associated with the procedures. To alleviate this anxiety, they must be administered with sedation before the operation.

Sedation is the process of reducing the anxiety of a person towards a medical operation. In dentistry, this is a very important field because it facilitates dental procedures and prevents complications. Anxiety is a normal bodily response to an event, especially when the person involved is familiar with it. In short, it is a state of negative presumption of a future event.

Sedation dentistry has been a popular field practiced in big cities like Las Vegas, Nevada. Because Las Vegas is a densely inhabited city, in fact, the most populous of the cities in the state, dental advancement has begun here and sedation dentistry was recognized as a separate field in dentistry. Many sedation dentists have begun to practice and many of them have successfully facilitated dangerous dental operations by proper sedation administration.

Dental sedation has different types. The use of anesthetics is often mistaken as a kind of dental sedation, but they are only designed to remove physical pain. The sedation dentistry Las Vegas adopts uses common sedation types such as oral sedation (normally requiring anesthetic to reduce pain), intravenous sedation (also requires injection of local anesthetics), nitrous oxide sedation (involves inhalation by patient), and general anesthesia (rendering the patient unconscious).

There are different sedatives that can be applied depending on the level of anxiety. They are categorized into different degrees of sedation including anxiolysis (commonly using nitrous oxide), conscious sedation (causing extreme relaxation while patient is awake), deep sedation (leaving the patient awake but unable to respond to commands) and unconscious sedation (patient is totally unconscious). sedation dentistry Las Vegas provides procedure for all these levels.

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However, sedation administration is can cause serious consequences if done incorrectly. High concentration sedatives can cause unwanted effects on the consciousness of a patient, some causing nervous breakdown, leading to memory loss. The sedation dentistry Las Vegas has is practiced by number of sedation dentists equipped with adequate knowledge to avoid these risks.

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