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By | January 24, 2016

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Rebecca Beckie0
Po Box 12179


I’m Rebecca Brown, born 4th December 1992.

Start: Sep 12 2007, 5395 days old
Last photo here: March 12 2014, 7769 days old.
I intend to do the project for as long as I can, it’s still going.

Q: Music?
Big thank you to Amarante x

Q: How many photos?
-Project covers 2374 days.
-Roughly 2100 photos.

Q: Why are photos missing?
A: Most of the missing photos occur during the first 2 years. 7 years ago, I didn’t have my own camera! I relied on a webcam attached to a PC that wasn’t reliable and a mobile (which I took 50+ photos on that were lost, when I left the SD card in it when I ended my contract and had to send it back). Files have also gone missing.

Nowadays, cameras are everywhere and I have better technology to keep track of my files/backup.

There are days though, where I struggle to take photos, due to depression, suicidal periods or due to low self esteem caused by my marks and hair loss.

Q: Trichotillo-what?!
A: Trichotillomania. It’s a complex hair disorder, where I am compelled to tear it all out strand by strand. It’s classified as an ICD (similar to OCD).

I end up with bald patches and thinning hair, most of which occurs on my crown and on the sides by my ears. So several million people get confused when from the front, I appear fine. I have another photo every day project that I’ve been taking, from the side, that I hope to post soon, when that reaches it’s next anniversary.

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More information:

(I also had Dermotillomania: Obsessive Skin Picking).

Q: Shaved?!
A: At the time of each shave, I am roughly half bald, more so round the sides and back. By shaving the hair that is left, it stops me ripping out more and allows my head to heal from the latest pulling spree. It also gives the hair a chance to start again.

Q: Are you cured now?
A: No, it’s a life disorder, I still lose hair, but not on the same scale. Every day is a struggle not to revert back to baldness.

Q: Where does the smile go?
A: Life happens, Depression hit rather hard. I’m on the mend.

Q: Why does your hair keep changing, are photos out or order?
A: From 2011 onwards, I started wearing multicoloured wigs.

Q: How do you get yourself to stay in the same position?
A: I try to pose the same every time, and then I re-align every photograph in my video editor. Very time consuming – but it works

Q: Dilated eyes?!
A: My pupils appear to dilate due to the lighting around me. Some photos are taken at night, some during the day and flash plays a part in those white sparkles!

Q: When did the puberty start?
A: Amazingly, this is a popular question. I started around 12, two years before this project started.

Q: Sexual orientation.
A: Most people assume my orientation due to my hair (which is wrong and it’s not good to reinforce stereotypes). I’m interested in men only.

Q: What colour are your eyes?
A: Light blue. This appears to change when I am subjected to different lighting conditions.

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Q: When did you discover makeup?
A: I didn’t use makeup properly till I was nearly 20. I also didn’t use any products of any kind till I was 19 due to my skin irritation and lack of knowledge.

Q: Photoshop?
A: Yes and no. 70{0ad59209ba3ce7f48e71d4a0dc628eee9b107ea7079661ded2b3bda89b047a8b} of the images have been colour corrected. HOWEVER, I do not edit any of the features and blemishes. The only exception is a few other faces, names and words that feature behind me, I’ve blurred them out.

Q: Who inspired me?
A: Noah and Clickwhirr (who has removed her videos).

Other people in the video:
Dad, Mum, Grandad, Tabby, Puss, Ginger, Sister, Brother, Sarah S, Robert C, Tyler D, Jim M, Alex, Jillian, Molly, Danny, Eve.

Where were photos taken:
2007/2008: bedroom/loft room.
2009: mainly in the bathroom and then across Europe.
2010-11: mainly in the bathroom
2011-12: Uni room/bathroom
2012 Summer: Across NY
2013 onwards: London flat and out and about

2007-08 Logitech 1.3 MP Webcam, Canon Digital IXUS 65, Nokia 6233
2008 Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS, Photobooth
2009-12 Canon 400D, Photobooth, Ipods
2013 onwards Canon 600D, Photobooth, iPhone 4S
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