Sleep Apnea Can Cause Problems

By | October 11, 2016

Sleeping disorders are not usually thought of to be life threatening or deadly. There is one that can be though, and it is called sleep apnea. With this disorder, a persons body actually can forget to breath at times while sleeping. Some people have mild cases of this and it is not a problem but if you have a severe case, you can actually die.

For those people that have minor conditions of apnea it is usually not a problem and more of an inconvenience. If you have a more serious case though, every night could be your last if you dont take precautions. There are medications you can take as well as paraphernalia you can wear to make sure you breathe throughout the night and for those with serious conditions, they must do this. Most of us dont think twice about being able to get a good nights sleep but for those with apnea, sleeping is a little more difficult.

If you wake up tired every morning, are drowsy during much of the day, have headaches when you wake up, or wake up repeatedly during the night and feel a shortness of breath, you may have sleep apnea. These are all symptoms that you may experience if you have this sleeping disorder.

Some people figure out they have sleep apnea because another person who sleeps in the same room every night notices that something is wrong with the way you sleep. If you dont have anyone sleeping with you, you should pay attention to the symptoms listed above to see if any of them apply to you. If they do and you feel your sleep is not normal, it is advisable to go see a doctor for further evaluation.

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Another thing to do if you feel you sleep is disturbed and might not be normal, is to visit a sleep disorder center near you to have some simple tests done. Sleep is something that we all have to do and many people overlook its importance. Many people brag that they only have to sleep a handful of hours every night but getting too little sleep is harmful to the body and will put stress on your system over time. A doctor should always be consulted if there is any doubt about the quality of your sleep so that you dont overlook something that could be a real problem like sleep apnea.

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