Sleep Disorders and Treatment

By | September 17, 2016

Sleep disorders are becoming increasingly prominent in today’s society, for a number of reasons. Some professionals attribute this rise in patients seeking treatment for sleep disorders to a greater prevalence of prescription drugs, a higher level of stress in today’s society than in previous years, and a growing awareness of sleep disorders themselves. Whatever the cause, it is clear that more and more people are seeking treatment to help them get a better night’s sleep each night.

They vary by type, though they all cause a disturbance of the functions of a usual night’s sleep. Some people have difficulty falling asleep, and others suffer from such severe insomnia that they cannot sleep at all. Others find themselves restlessly waking up often throughout the night. While symptoms and severity levels differ, each of these behaviors could be an indicator of a sleep disorder.

Sleep disorders affect people emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is not uncommon for individuals suffering with this disorder to develop other conditions as a result of their lack of sleep. Feeling exhausted, feeling depressed, and feeling greater amounts of stress are all common results of the inability to sleep through the night. More complicated medical issues may arise from lack of sleep as well. These additional complications make it even more important for patients to seek help and treatment for sleep disorders as soon as possible.

Doctors, psychologists, therapists, and other medical professionals all work with patients who suffer from this disorder. Some patients have found that taking a prescription medication each day works wonders for their insomnia, and they are able to function normally simply by taking medicine. Others find that counseling to help reduce the level of stress in their lives is necessary. Finally, some people turn to sleep clinics to diagnose more difficult cases.

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A Charleston County sleep medicine specialist can work with patients to diagnose their illness and seek a suitable treatment. It is important for a doctor to take all factors into account when diagnosing a sleep disorder, and this can only be done when the doctor takes the time to get to know the patient on an individual level and learn as much as possible about their behavior, family and work life, and other factors that may be influencing their lack of sleep. A quality sleep medicine specialist will learn as much as possible about the patient in order to diagnose and treat their condition properly. Sleep specialists can often be very successful in diagnosing and developing treatment plans for patients with sleep disorders.

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