Social Anxiety Disorder Test

By | March 9, 2018

There are a few questions that you can answer that will allow yourself to see whether or not you have social anxiety disorder. Many people struggle with this issue. Below are some questions to for you to answer that can help you determine if you are a victim of social anxiety disorder.

These question were designed to answer whether or not you have this problem. Answer them honestly.

1. Do you have a tendency to avoid social situations? Are you afraid to meet and talk to new people because of the fear that they will judge you? Do you fear that you might do or say something that will cause you to be embarrassed?
2. Does the thought of speaking or performing in front of other cause you to be anxious?
3. Does the thought of performing everyday tasks such as speaking, eating, or drinking in front of others make you uncomfortable?
4. Has your fears affected your relationships whether it’s personal or professional? Has this problem affected your performance at your work place?
5. Do you say “no” more than you do “yes” to trying out new things that involve other people?
6. Does the thought of having to perform in front of other people bring on emotional stress? Are there any physical symptoms such as sweating or blushing that occurs they you become emotionally stressed?
7. Do find it difficult to make friends?
8. Do you feel like you are constantly being judged by others? Has this stopped you from speaking up or taking action in the past?
9. Do you find it difficult to talk to authority figures whether it’s a boss, teacher, etc?
10. Do you find it impossible to control your negative thoughts during situations that make you feel uncomfortable?

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Remember that many people have this problem, so if you answered yes to a majority or all of these question, you are not alone with your struggle. This issue does not have to continue if you take the proper steps in making social anxiety disorder a thing of the past.

The rewards of overcoming this problem greatly outweigh the small actions you need to take. Let this burden go and live a more fulfilled life

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