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How to stop eye drop addiction

You’ll learn such things as. You know how annoying it is to have dry, itchy eyes? Happy First Birthday Archie. Eye drops are there to treat symptoms only, and therefore do not address the underlying condition. The blood vessels will no longer be constricted. How to treat bloodshot eyes: Switch to artificial tears instead. I… Read More »

Police departments rethink approach to battling addiction crisis

BOSTON — Walking down Boston‘s infamous “Methadone Mile,” 39-year-old Tyshaun Perryman can say he is a changed man. About four years ago after he was picked up by police on a misdemeanor charge, an officer sat him down in a holding room at the police station. “The police asked to come in, and said to me, ‘Hey listen, sit down and talk with… Read More »

Treating Mania as an Addiction

I remember thinking during an episode that, ”If everyone could feel this way they would never do drugs”. June 7, 2019 by Steve Colori Leave a Comment Having schizoaffective disorder bipolar type means having schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. One of the most difficult parts of having this disorder was the fact that I overlooked the… Read More »

Viewpoints: Any Other Public Health Problem Would Be Researched. Why Not Guns?; Remove Restrictions On Prescribing Buprenorphine To Treat Opioid Addiction

Opinion writers weigh in on these public health issues and others. Bloomberg: More Gun Research Will Lead To Better Firearm Policies A congressional subcommittee held a hearing last week on the state of gun violence research in the U.S. The conclusion? It’s shamefully incomplete.As Andrew Morral of the Rand Corporation testified, “We know little about… Read More »

Medical News Today: Key brain area plays a crucial role in addiction

New research finds that the cerebellum, a large part of the human brain that scientists thought was primarily involved in motor control, may play a key role in reward-seeking and social behaviors. The findings may help inform future therapies for treating addiction. New research suggests the brain’s cerebellum may explain addiction. Recent research has hinted… Read More »