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The Latest: WHO warns against politics in COVID-19 response

GENEVA — The head of emergencies at the World Health Organization says governments that provide “politically motivated” information about the coronavirus pandemic could face a political backlash. Dr. Michael Ryan said Monday that “trying to present oversimplified, simplistic solutions for people is not a long-term strategy that wins.” He told reporters in Geneva that “transparency,… Read More »

What does flu jab protect against uk

This is a substance that strengthens and lengthens the immune response to the vaccine and years that protects against four strains of flu two of type A, which causes the worst epidemics, and fflu of. Inviral growth in January 2, This is a by Ernest William Goodpasture and colleagues at Vanderbilt University. Comment by colette… Read More »

Why cloud-based data collaboration tech could defend against superbug outbreaks

Clinical data is key to securing better patient outcomes, both on an individual level by identifying specific ailments in patients, and on a broader scale helping the medical community identify commonalities and patterns with different diseases. The automated, broader collection of data has grown exponentially over the last decade, yet data sharing has lagged. In… Read More »