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WBP 5-HTP 200mg (2 Bottles) – High Strength Serotonin Booster & Mood Enhancer – Natural Antidepressant – Stress & Anxiety Relief – Helps with Sleep and Well Being – Premium Quality GMP Supplement – 2 x 90 Vegetarian Capsules by WellBeing Pro

Highest dosage of 200mg 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) in each capsule for maximum results and fantastic value.;Helps increase serotonin levels which in turn helps alleviate depression, insomnia, anxiety, tension and even cravings for unhealthy foods.;Several double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of 5-HTP in the treatment of depression.;Natural ingredients purely from the Griffonia shrub seeds… Read More »

Addiction To Pain Killer: Start Treating Yourself By Being Honest That You Have A Problem

Pain killers are designed to help men and women alleviate their pain sufferings that can be caused by some conditions. But what’s likely is that pain killers like Vicodin only function as a temporary relief so their effectiveness will run out and the person will have to suffer from the pain again. This would mean… Read More »