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Solving physician burnout requires so much more than self-care

Linda Girgis, MD | Physician | December 30, 2018 So many people are suggesting that if only doctors practice self-care we could deflect burnout before it overtakes us. Yes, physicians are probably the worst professionals for taking care of ourselves. We work long hours,  answer calls at all hours of the night, take little vacation,… Read More »

How smarter data—not more data—can reduce physician burnout

Doctors have become collateral damage in healthcare reform. By most measures, the last decade of healthcare transformation—with its focus on evidence-based guidelines, electronic health records and value-based payment models—has driven improvement in the quality of care individuals can expect from their healthcare providers. The frequency of hospital-acquired conditions is declining, hospitals are starting to realize… Read More »

Can Agility Help Reduce Physician Burnout?

Brian Redig, Director of IT and Project Portfolio Management, University of Colorado Health A little over a year ago, CT Lin, CMIO at UCHealth, asked “How might we reduce physician burnout associated with the use of the electronic health record?” as part of an initiative he coined: EHR 2.0. Through collaboration with physician informatics, Epic-certified… Read More »