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Learning to cope with the pandemic from palliative care patients 

I’m a palliative care chaplain who provides spiritual support to patients with serious, life-changing, and for some, life-threatening, illnesses. A common story they tell is an illness, like a storm, blew them off their life’s map.  They find themselves lost in the unfamiliar territory of sickness. The future, once certain and promising, is now uncertain… Read More »

Coronavirus Anxiety Is Stealing Sleep From Nearly Everyone. Here’s How to Cope.

You’re not alone: coronavirus anxiety has made it impossible for almost everyone to sleep. Just take a look at Twitter for evidence of this pandemic-induced insomnia. ‘Does…anyone sleep anymore?,” one person asked Twitter at midnight. Another user asked, “Anyone else unable to sleep?” The Tweet was posted at 3 a.m. and received instant engagement. Right… Read More »

How To Cope With Hair Loss At A Young Age

People tend to think of hair loss in a “not me” kind of way, which can make it all the more devastating for some people when reality sets in. Hair loss can be particularly devastating when a person is young. Hair loss is a socially accepted and expected aspect of growing older, after all, but… Read More »

How to Cope with Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is a treatment that makes use of anti-cancer drugs to cure cancer cells. This process has been used for countless years. While it can be quite beneficial, it brings adverse reactions because chemotherapy medicines do not only reach cancer cells but also other areas of the body. These include fatigue, dry mouth, nerve changes,… Read More »

How to Cope with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a problem which affects millions of people all over the world. Its effects can be extremely debilitating and can alter your life drastically by limiting what you are able to do. Some people suffer constant pain all day long, while others have worse moments in the day, such as first thing in… Read More »

Living With Anxiety – Cope or Cure?

Most people that live in modern societies live under stress producing conditions. Learning to recognize and cope with anxiety are keys to successful living. Many proclaim to have cures for anxiety. Anxiety can’t be completely cured but it can be treated successfully. Anxiety is a naturally occurring emotion required for survival. Anxiety in high levels… Read More »