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Patented Multifunction 3 in 1 Pill Cutter/Splitter,Crusher/Grinder,Pill Box/Organizer for Storing 1 Day Dose.High-Safety BLADE V-shape Grips Pills for an Accurate Cut,FDA Approved,Unique Design

The Pill Crusher and Splitter is a three-in-one device that cuts, crushes, and saving pills safely. To crush pills, unscrew the top of the unit and place one or two pills into the crushing chamber. Screw the top on and continue to twist until pills are crushed into a fine powderThe top chamber of the… Read More »

Luxury Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs | Light Blocking Eye Mask for Sleeping Deeper | Features Memory Foam, Contoured Design, Adjustable Strap & Ear Plugs | Insomnia Aid

“Finally! A comfortable sleep mask that helps me get to sleep and stay asleep!” | “I’m not even interested in trying to sleep without this mask EVER again!” | “Stays in place to keep it dark during my entire sleep!” The Living Pure® Luxury Sleep Mask is designed for the deepest possible sleep. The lightweight… Read More »

MeasuPro Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Monitor with Two User Modes, IHB Indicator, Hypertension Color Alert Display, Desktop Design and Memory Recall

MeasuPro helps keep you focused on your health by providing you with the tools you need. Using advanced technology, the MeasuPro Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor provides accurate measurements of your blood pressure and pulse rate. Measurements are taken through an automatic, fast and easy process using Measure and Inflate technology. The pressurized arm… Read More »

At Muji, Design Intelligence Meets Dried Squid

At Muji, Design Intelligence Meets Dried Squid Muji, founded in 1980 in Japan, offers what the company calls “no-brand quality goods”: unembellished household items, stationery, clothing and knickknacks. Each item is packaged minimally, priced reasonably and injected with a higher dose of design … Read more on New York Times Women charged with selling drugs to… Read More »

Design Kitchen Online

  The most popular trends in designing that need frequent visits every couple of years are usually the kitchens. Bathrooms come afterwards. There are many things to consider when you think of designing a kitchen and usually the first thing that comes to your mind would be “how much would designing a kitchen cost me?”… Read More »