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Earth Day 2019 Theme and Date: History and Significance of the Day for Ecological Awareness to ‘Protect Our Species’

Earth Day 2019 (Photo Credits: File Photo) An annual event observed on April 22, Earth Day is to encourage people to work and support protecting the environment. It was first observed as a public event in 1970, as a protest against the negative impacts of industrial development on the environment. The event had a great impact… Read More »

What is anxiety neurosis on earth?

Anxiety is the most common form of emotional states, such as quick examination, did not review if you feel good, it will tense worry, this is anxiety. At this time, seize the time to review usually sit, can reduce anxiety and actively do something. This anxiety is a protective response, also known physiological anxiety. When… Read More »

Add Some Egyptian Earth

“If a man finds a corpse for the first time (Without previously having found a corpse in the same spot, and without knowing that it was there) lying in the usual position he may remove it together with the soil it occupies. If he finds two, he may remove them together with the soil they… Read More »