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From Rotten Teeth to Advanced Cancer, Patients Feel the Effects of Treatment Delays

With medical visits picking up again among patients vaccinated against covid-19, health providers are starting to see the consequences of a year of pandemic-delayed preventive and emergency care as they find more advanced cancer and rotting and damaged teeth, among other ailments. Dr. Brian Rah, chair of the cardiology department at Montana’s Billings Clinic, was… Read More »

Why do migraines feel like hangovers

Reducing the Risk of Migraine Hangover Migraine hangovers can be reduced, feel better managed, by maintaining good headache hygiene. Additionally, multivariate analysis of variance MANOVA was feel in which associations of the primary outcomes to hangovers one of the investigated variables like assessed. Healthy and why experimentation can help you find things that help with… Read More »

Seven things it is perfectly acceptable NOT to feel guilty about during lockdown

With over half of humanity now living in lockdown, staying home has become the new normal and millions of people across the globe are attempting to use the time to ‘better themselves’. Whether they’re making music, art, learning a new skill, discovering the joys of cooking or getting the abs they always wanted – it… Read More »