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Anthony Fauci: “I don’t do this because I’m a hero. I do it because it’s necessary.”

Pending an HIV vaccine, injectable PrEP is the most promising research direction, Anthony Fauci tells aidsmap.com “The enormity of the problem is how I keep going,” Dr Anthony Fauci told a meeting of global health journalists yesterday. “I haven’t had a single day off since 20th January last year, but the necessity of dealing with the… Read More »

I’m a Freelance Writer and Here’s What My Day To Day Is Like During Covid

Yola Robert is one of our favorite people, possibly ever. As the host of the I Suck At Life Podcast and a Senior Contributor at Forbes, Yola’s life is constantly a balance of being creative, intuitive, and trying to handle a busy schedule. Squeeze in some words at The Zoe Report, Elite Daily, and Haute Living. That’s podcast host, contributor,… Read More »

I Love You. And I’m Sorry.

Depression hurts. Yes, I get that it hurts you, your family and your friends. But, I’m not talking about the handbook version of depression where a depressed person is: “someone who is very, very sad.”  I’m talking about the physical pain, the mental anguish and, the days where you wish everything would stop hurting. Today is one of… Read More »