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ADA: Novo Nordisk’s long-lasting insulin candidate matches Lantus in phase 2

Novo Nordisk has long been working on drugs that can help people earlier on in their diabetes and keep them from progressing to insulin treatment. But that doesn’t mean it’s not also working to improve the insulin options out there for those who do need it. Sunday at the American Diabetes Association’s virtual annual meeting,… Read More »

Insulin pumps

Most insulin pumps are about the size of a small mobile phone, but models keep getting smaller. They are mostly worn on the body using a band, belt, pouch, or clip. Some models now are wireless. Traditional pumps include an insulin reservoir (cartridge) and a catheter. The catheter is inserted with a plastic needle just… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy smartphones control Insulet’s tubeless insulin pump

Samsung Galaxy smartphones will be serving as the controlling device for Billerica, Massachusetts-based Insulet Corporation’s tubeless insulin pump devices, the two companies announced today. Initially, Insulet’s recently FDA-cleared Omnipod Dash Insulin Management System will only speak with an app run on a locked-down Galaxy smartphone provided to patients alongside the system itself. However, according to… Read More »

Bionix Health at Home Shotblocker Needle Free Insulin Injection Device, .3 Ounce

Shots dont have to hurt. Shotblocker is an innovative, patented device that is both simple and easy to use. Shotblocker was invented by a pediatrician over 10 years ago to instantly reduce needle pain and anxiety associated with injections for his patients. Shotblocker works through a novel application of the gate control theory of pain… Read More »