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Boeing Tested Air Purifiers Like Those Widely Used in Schools. It Decided Not to Use Them in Planes.

Aerospace giant Boeing tested two kinds of ionization technologies — like those widely adopted in schools hoping to combat covid — to determine how well each killed germs on surfaces and decided that neither was effective enough to install on its commercial planes. Boeing noted in its conclusion that “air ionization has not shown significant… Read More »

‘Like a cage’: Tower resident lashes out

A resident of one of Melbourne’s locked down towers has lashed out at the Victorian government’s handling of the lockdown, calling it “unbelievable, unwise and unacceptable”. Girmay Mengesha told the Today show the residents were given little notice and weren’t able to buy food before being locked in the building, and said communication over their… Read More »

I’m a Freelance Writer and Here’s What My Day To Day Is Like During Covid

Yola Robert is one of our favorite people, possibly ever. As the host of the I Suck At Life Podcast and a Senior Contributor at Forbes, Yola’s life is constantly a balance of being creative, intuitive, and trying to handle a busy schedule. Squeeze in some words at The Zoe Report, Elite Daily, and Haute Living. That’s podcast host, contributor,… Read More »