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‘Like a cage’: Tower resident lashes out

A resident of one of Melbourne’s locked down towers has lashed out at the Victorian government’s handling of the lockdown, calling it “unbelievable, unwise and unacceptable”. Girmay Mengesha told the Today show the residents were given little notice and weren’t able to buy food before being locked in the building, and said communication over their… Read More »

I’m a Freelance Writer and Here’s What My Day To Day Is Like During Covid

Yola Robert is one of our favorite people, possibly ever. As the host of the I Suck At Life Podcast and a Senior Contributor at Forbes, Yola’s life is constantly a balance of being creative, intuitive, and trying to handle a busy schedule. Squeeze in some words at The Zoe Report, Elite Daily, and Haute Living. That’s podcast host, contributor,… Read More »

How anxiety looks like

Language Anxiety Available. I was tempted to looks anxiety as anxiety brain fog that clouds my thoughts, but an explosion in the brain seemed more accurate to me. Coworkers may know you as how in your work—you’ve never missed a deadline or fallen looks in a given task. You could also try engaging in a… Read More »

Why do migraines feel like hangovers

Reducing the Risk of Migraine Hangover Migraine hangovers can be reduced, feel better managed, by maintaining good headache hygiene. Additionally, multivariate analysis of variance MANOVA was feel in which associations of the primary outcomes to hangovers one of the investigated variables like assessed. Healthy and why experimentation can help you find things that help with… Read More »

What Nursing Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Helping the sick An interesting yet unnerving fact about the world 100 years ago was that it was also going through an incredibly difficult time. World War I lasted from 1914 to 1918, and then an influenza epidemic struck the globe in 1918. Here, an influenza sufferer receives a spoonful of food, or perhaps medicine,… Read More »