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The Right Way to Shower According to Experts

Taking a daily shower is a fairly recent development for Americans. Just 100 years ago, many thought getting their whole body wet at once (instead of taking the sponge baths that were common then) would invite diseases like pneumonia and someone would “catch their death.” Nowadays, a long, hot shower is a daily ritual for… Read More »

Types Of Festive And Fun Baby Shower Games

Celebrating the coming of a baby is a great reason to get together with our friends, colleagues and of course, our families. Everyone loves a bouncing baby, but not everyone loves boring baby shower games. So take a look at our fun compilation of baby shower game ideas to make the event more memorable. Check… Read More »

webueat Natural Loofah Luffa Pad Body Skin Exfoliation Scrubber Bath Shower Spa Sponge

NOTICE:BEFORE USING,IT IS A BIT ROUGH AND RIGID.MEET AFTER WATER, IT WILL SWELL,BECOME MORE SOFT AND COMFORTABLE,VERY CLOSE SKIN!! Package Included: 1pcs x Bathing Sponge Product Features: Color: Beige Materials: dry Loofah +Terry cloth Size:5*10*14.5cm Eco-friendly materials for environment. Handle loops on each side,convenient to use. Great item to exfoliating,cleaning,scrubbing and massage on body and… Read More »